My Killer Instinct World Cup Art Tribute!

Hello all! I just finished my entry for the KI World Cup Art Gallery, and thought I’d give everyone here on the official KI forums the first look. Featuring Glacius, Fulgore, and Sabrewulf–three of my favorite KI characters as well as classic staple characters that have been featured in every game of the series.

@ULTRAODINSON – I sent you an email with the proper files. I hope this was finished in time to be included in the event, and thank you for the opportunity! To everyone attending-- I hope you get a chance to see this in person… and you had all better enjoy yourselves while you’re at the World Cup, as I will be living vicariously through all of your posts, pictures, and videos!


Awesome I love your artstyle and the poses they make are spot on :smile:

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Amazing art here!

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Really great job on the artwork, all three characters look good!

A bit of a critique, though - Glacius and Sabrewulf sort of blend into each other and the background a bit, so not only would I have chosen a different color background, I’d have made at least one of the two with an alternate color, probably Glacius.

Just my two cents, what you’ve done is great, and I’m no artist.

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I messed around with some drop shadows to make them stand out a bit more, but in the end I think it clashed with the design elements and made the whole thing look cluttered. The heavy predominance of blue was intentional–in fact, this was originally going to be a monochromatic illustration before I decided that was a bit too boring. I added some splashes of color to the characters to make it pop, but kept the color balanced towards blue overall because it helps the image look cohesive–if you have too many hues in a piece the color palette begins to get disjointed, which is less satisfying to look at imo.

That’s just my thought process when approaching this, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion and I always appreciate critique, it’s always good to get another perspective. I don’t think they blend into the background but I can see where Sabrewulf’s arm is getting slightly lost in Glacius’ body, since that region of the picture is very dark overall. I could have punched up the highlight on Sabrewulf’s arm with an overlay a little bit more than I did, but I still think it all reads pretty well!

Sweet artwork! Also, this got tweeted by Adam Isgreen. :wink:


Awesome, Killer, and Godlike KI art tribute/artwork tribute to the KI World Cup :grinning: :grin: :smile: :smiley: :sunglasses:

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Like I said it looks really good. From my personal perspective there are just those small things I would’ve done differently, but as I said, I certainly couldn’t have done what you’ve done.

Fulgore stands out nicely to me, not only because of his black/dark grey color, but because it’s strikingly different from both of the other characters. Maybe I wouldn’t feel as strongly if Fulgore and Glacius had switched places (No, I don’t play either character yet) because then you’d have blue on the left, blue on the right, and black in the center.

I think the “pop” of black just feels weird being offcentered versus all of the blue, in my opinion.

Definitely a good point! Like I said, other perspectives are good, and they help me consider new things when making art in the future. Glacius was placed in the back because his tendency to strike grand, sweeping poses lent itself well to him framing the other two characters. But yes, you could definitely make a case for swapping his place with Glacius–both for the aesthetic reasons and because he is KI’s cyborg poster boy. Every artist tackles things differently!

In a world where I had ANY artistic talent, and in order to keep the general outline you displayed here, I would have Glacius facing to the right in his neutral animation with his left arm clenching into a fist, with Fulgore’s arms spread out, chest open and a bright yellow/orange Devastation Beam firing straight out, essentially looking like a circle. That’s to avoid any kind of odd perspective stuff by trying to show him firing the beam at an angle.

Anwyays, to everyone else-- thanks for all the kind words, glad you enjoy it! This community has always been wonderfully supportive. I have no idea if it’s done in time or not to actually be featured in the event given how soon it is, I guess it depends on whether or not the people putting the thing together see it! On that note, @Blacklash93, thanks for letting me know! I am super flattered that Adam retweeted it, even if I was planning on waiting to post it to my social media until after the event. <:]

Back to KI freelance now!! Whoo.

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Do you have plans for other character art? Or are you waiting to see if you get more inspiration from Season 3 characters?

Either way, I hope you’ll share more with us!

I draw Glacius all the darned time, he’s my absolute favorite haha. Some threads here and here; I’ve also drawn a couple of Cinders that people have commissioned of me, and scattered art of other characters crops up every once in a blue moon on my Ask Glacius blog (which has been silent for awhile but I’m planning on getting up and running again before S3 hits). There is another character that I’m in the process of doing a full illustration for, but as that is freelance-related I’m not at liberty to say who or what that is for.

Outside of that, who knows! I really want to draw classic Riptor at some point, but what I actually draw when I have time outside of freelance is always pretty up in the air.

I approve of this :smiley:

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I approve of Jago being added in; do that and you’ll have the original fab 4! :wink:

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This needs to be on a shirt I can buy.

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Fantastic work. Please keep doing more!

Amazing! I saw the preview you posted up on Tumblr, but this final version looks better than I imagined! Hope this makes it in! Great work, as always!

I’m speechless…

Awesome~!! :smiley: Nicely done.