MY Killer Instinct Sequel Roster

For Starters, Thank You! I appreciate your feedback. I’m not upset. You were nothing but constructive and you actually liked a majority of my ideas! I couldn’t be happier.

That was the idea! :smile:

I came up with this story segment A: Because I thought it would make for a nice chapter in an MK-Style story mode, and B: To make the specific Fulgore we play as stand out from the billions of other Fulgores in some way. That used to be because he was Eagle, but now I feel he needs something else. In my opinion Fulgore has been stripped of his identity lately.

I was thinking of this being like how Shang Tsung was revitalized into a younger body in MK2. I never intended to ditch the grin though. Kan-Ra is as insane as The Joker in my book.

He was. But he brought himself back to life before (the plot of the comic). There’s no reason he couldn’t do it again. I feel like bringing back all of the other Shadow Lords would feel weird if he wasn’t there to stand with him. Who knows, maybe they bring him back to life instead?

I like this. This is what the idea is now.

That was my original idea, but I didn’t want to do too many stance swap characters. If the dev team behind this hypothetical game was up for it then absolutely! But I wouldn’t want to seem unrealistic.

I like the name Blackwater better. Bruce was just kind of a placeholder. In my experience Bruce is kind of the stock Shark name. Like Rex or Sparky is for dogs.

He went to Kan-Ra to try to undo his original curse. But sense by this time Kan-Ra was completly bonkers he did it genie/Dr. Facilier style “You Got What You Wanted, But You Lost What You Had”. And yes, this is the Aganos Ent idea.

The Cult of G’Thraka intended to use Wildcard as a champion for their master, but the trauma they caused him didn’t exactly have the desired effect.

I came up with this because of how much people were asking for the Tsar to be playable. I wanted to work him in somehow without making him feel redundant. KI’s wendigos are very much mindless beasts. A typical Wendigo king is more like a Queen Bee than the head of a monarchy. I thought it made him more interesting than just another Vampire.

Splitting the Djinn and the wrestler is an interesting concept. It originally started as a challenge of creating a grapple for KI like so many people wanted. The idea was that the lightning he channels into the opponent keeps your combo going while you set up another grab. All of the stuff you came up with for the female Djinn though, That’s awesome. I don’t really know how to reconcile the two ideas though.

This one has a fun story behind him too. He was actually the first KI character I had ever created, for a MKxKI game. I created him back before S2 was finished and we knew what ARIA was (I was banking on her being some sort of energy being but we didn’t get that :frowning: Anyway, back then I still thought KI was a sequel to the original timeline rather than a straight reboot, which meant that it was in a post-apocalyptic future. The idea for the crossover was that MK was KI’s past. The crossover happened via time travel. Sheridan was created to be Ultratech’s previous CEO before ARIA. (Specifically ARIA was his human girlfriend who would then become biologically augmented at the end of the story into the immortal energy being I was sure she would be :frowning:) When KI’s actual direction became apparent I kept the gameplay design but changed his story into what you see today. Just some cool trivia.

Spaceship can go away. Not that important. As for the name… I didn’t even think of that. The Kanye thing is super funny to me know. My low knowledge of celebrities must be showing through! To be honest I got it from a random name generator. She could have any name really. I just don’t know what it would be.

An eagle is one of Son Wu-Kong’s actual transformations according to the novel Journey to the West. I do like the idea of a vulture, but it would have to be a bird known to the Chinese to be authentic.

I like the idea of a drunken master, do the Bo’Rai Cho concept correctly :smile:. Maybe a drunken Shoto? Just trying to think of moves that would be in Jago’s martial art that he doesn’t do.

I wanted to go for a different type of intimidating. I don’t want people to be scared of this guy because he’s super big. I want you to fear him because he’s super dangerous.

He was sealed away like the others. G’Thraka was sealed at the bottom of the ocean. Hannya was trapped in Japan by Hisako. Bhalnon was trapped in stone in a ruined Scottish castle (his home stage). Bahlnon basically did the same thing to himself as what was done to Wildcard. He bound the souls of his victims to himself as he slaughtered them to increase his power.

Again, thanks for the feedback! I really like discussing my ideas with people! However I did notice you didn’t comment on my Ditso the Clown character, as well as my guest characters and Battletoads integration. No opinion I’m guessing. It’s fine, just thought I’d bring it up in case you just forgot of something. But again, Thank you so much!! :smile:

Potential AND possible guest characters for a new KI sequel aka Killer Instinct 4/KI4:
Ori the (now) Spirit Warrior from Ori and the Will of the Wisps most particularly :wink: :slight_smile:
Beavis and Butt-Head “I am The Great Cornholio!” “I am Cornholio!” :laughing: :joy:

Please leave. I hate the second idea you’ve suggested and so do most people. On top of that I’m pretty sure we’ve argued about it before.

I think he was trying to joke around.

Do you not remember that guy who constantly spammed that suggestion. It was annoying and not funny.

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Figured I’d bump this up to the top of the list again and see if anyone has anything new to say about it.

For returning characters I think you’ll make almost every fan happy. The new ones aren’t a bad choice either. Though if I added a new character I’d likely throw in a naga. (Unless there is one up there already) But it wouldn’t be like the medusa type naga, but ones from Hindu Mythology.

I can even see one having a vendetta against ultratech sense in some mythology the Naga became malicious because humans polluted their river.

The Naga can even have the name Kaliya. One of the well known Naga in hindu mythology
But that’s just me though.


There is no Naga. But I’m not against the idea. Could be interesting. I’d have to think about it.

I really wanna bump this up again. I’m really proud of what I’ve come up with here. Then again, the lack of traffic could be due to the fact that maybe… three people still frequent this sight.

You’d be suprised how impressive the mythology is.


Classic characters.

Jago - Tiger monk warrior .

Saberwulf- Deadly Werewolf.

Thunder - Chief Native American Indian.

Glacius- Cryomancers aliens.

Sadira- female Assassins of Red Eyes of Rylai.

B orchid- female sercet Agent.

Spinal- Skeleton warrior pirate.

Fulgore- Laser Cyborg.

TJ combo- Mma military.

Maya - Female monster hunter Inca.

Kan ra- undead cruised Sorcerer.

Riptor- Utahraptor .

Omen - Umbrakinesis Demon Spirit.

Aganos- Geokinesis Ancient Golem .

Hisako- Onryō Avenging Ghost.

Cinder - Internal Pyrokinesis Hybrid elemental.

Aria - Advanced Robotics .

Kim wu - Female Dragon monk.

Tusk - Immortal Barbarian.

Mira - Vampiress.

Gargos- Devil Gargoyles Demigod.

Eyedol - Undead Ogre Warlord .

Kilgore- Rocket Gunner cyborg .

Eagle- Native American Archers.

New characters.

Aquakinesis Shark Merfolk gladiator.

Female Telekinesis Fortune teller.

Sliverback Gorilla .

Insect humanoid Mutant.

Wendigo King .

Mad scientist.

Detective inspector.

Birdman warrior .

Djinn .

Electrokinesis Astral being known as last Ichorien .

Hydrid Harpy.

Ninja Dragon .

wushu master.

Goddess heavenly.

Male Bollywood inspired by Dev Patel.

Female blonde fighter Agent .

ballistic serial killer.

muscular, bulky mutant fighter.

Gunslinger vampire hunter.

Battlesuit marine .

Ancient Treekin.

Statue Minotaur.

Female Wrestler.


Android fighter.

Boss villains characters.

Lovecraftian monster .

New tsar known as Vampire lord .

Tyrant Demigod Superman .

Time Reaper .

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New character/new KI roster threads exist. Merging this into one of them.

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