My KI gold disapear

Hey something go wrong in my store, I dont know why… firts my game appeared like I just bought the first expansion then I fixed it changing the time and date on my windows, then every chars appeared again.

But my gold doest back. And i had 18,000

I need help!!!

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I have a thread opened on this situation already. A lot of people are having the same issue, hopefully the devs are taking notice!

Hey @TekkaZero .

Thanks for letting us know about the issue in regards to the KI Gold. A fix has been deployed and should be working now. Just exit out and restart KI and you should be good to go!


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I just lost my gold like 10 minutes ago, almost exactly when you first posted about this update. What to do?

I got mine back by disconnecting my cable connection, restarting the xbox, plugging the cable back in, and relaunching the game.

This update that rolled out fixed my KI Gold issue! Hope everyone else is having the fix as well.

In the future, can we just earn the KI gold instead of having to buy it?

Has this fix also rolled put for the Windows version? Because I am still missing my 18.000 KI Gold.