My KI Fan Fiction Comic Short

As a long time fan of KI, I thought it would be cool to create my own stories/comics for it. This comic short I made was completed before Microsoft released official backstories to SSN 1 characters, hence the title ‘fan fiction’. I hope you enjoy!


Hey that’s pretty neat I hope we see more some time :slight_smile:

thanks! yea i plan to do more. with the release of these backstories for the season 1 cast, l lot of ideas in my mind came about. i just need to set aside some time to draw them out. but yea, a lot more artwork is on its way!

Awesome artstyle man! Thanks for sharing! Looks like it took forever :laughing:

thanks! and i plan to share more! actually, collectively it took a about 4 hours each stage (sketching, inking, coloring on photoshop, & dialogue). The longest part was writing the script.

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This is really good! Hope to see more! :smile:


This is REALLY well-done! The style is superb, very gritty and atmospheric, and I like your take on the characters quite a bit. It’s also neat to see Orchid actually functioning within her agency, particularly in a position of leadership. Great work, seriously! I’ll be keeping an eye out for those updates!

Super cool man! You’re a very talented artist keep up the good work!


I think the community should fund more stuff like this.

Get guys with talent to produce content based on the non existent story in ki and have it digitised into the game to flesh out lore.


Your find it in the charicter orchid section :heart::heart::heart:

Ps its better than the IG one haha

More. Please.
I’d love to see a group of community folk get behind this idea and make animated webisodes or something of this. Like an alternate timeline akin to the multiple universes theory.

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Thanks for the responses y’all, Greatly appreciated!

That’s a great idea!

I’ll be sure to check it out! :wink:


This looks so good it could be considered Official, its so good

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Excellent, amazing, cool, and neat job/work on your VERY 1st KI fan-fiction comic book :grinning: :smiley: :smile:

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Beautiful. Just beautiful, keep up the good work man, it’s really paying off. I want to read more :slight_smile:

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How have I missed this post for 2 years!!! This is freaking amazing :grin::grin::grin: