My KI custom arcade cabinet

Hey guys, I thought I’d share with you something cool… I just got a custom arcade cabinet from Rec Room Masters…their 27" cabinet for the X-arcade tankstick…all decked out in KI goodness.

It’s not complete, as the computer for it is currently in the shop, and the tankstick isn’t shipping until the end of the month, but I thought I’d go ahead and show off the awesome artwork they made for me, (I sent them some pics and a general idea of how I wanted it all arranged, they did the rest.) I’m so excited to finally have it. Where I grew up, there weren’t a lot of arcades around, so I only occasionally got to play anything, and especially KI, even though it was my favorite SNES game. So yeah, I’m ecstatic about having it. I’ll go ahead & take more pics after I have it completely together.


That is pretty sick. I’m jealous.

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Duude! I would love this in my house! So amazing.

Please share your progress!

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How did you create the decals btw.

I just sent them some pictures (season 1 & 2 murals, season 3 starting 4 pic, KI season 2 logo, KI season 1 logo) and then told them how I wanted it all put together…they emailed me a proof of what it would look like, and it all came pre installed except for the tankstick sticker…I’m going to have to put it on when it gets here.

& a quick FYI, under the hood it’ll have an alienware X51 R2 with an I7 4770S and a Nvidia GTX…I’m wanting to say it’s in the 300 series…I don’t have the specs to say exactly, like I said it’s in the shop right now, getting a new motherboard.
But before I screwed it up trying to install a new processor myself it had an I3 in it, and it would run KI & SFV, though not very pretty on either account (KI looked better). Mostly I was wanting it as a MAME cabinet, but with KI having a PC port now, I figured why not? I figured this way it’d look better than a basic assortment of video game characters so as to say “Hey, this is an arcade cabinet!! You can play games on it!!”

Blown away dude… seriously…that looks amazing! Good job!

@BigBadAndy check this out dude!

Really cool. I have a sit down pedestal from Rec Room Masters and I can tell you it is really solid. That thing will last forever.

The artwork looks super sweet. What kind of Monitor are you sticking in there?

I’d love to see more pictures when it’s all set up.

It’s a Samsung 27 in LED monitor.

Nice. What about the speakers?

They weren’t anything special…Logitech stereo speakers w/ subwoofer I got at Walmart. Sounds nice though.

I have something similar. I think they are Logitech A110s? I dropped the subwoofer into the base of the pedestal and you can feel the rumble in the joystick and buttons, even though it’s not a super powerful speaker. Brings back memories. I have my xbox one hooked up as well as my 360 and PS3. I think the best most “Arcadey” sound actually comes from SF3:Third Strike which I have on 360.

I thought about going with a PC, but I couldn’t really move my current rig and I didn’t want to buy a new one. But (as you know) there’s a ton of old stuff floating around that you can run on PC. You are going to have lots of fun with this.

well, there really hasn’t been any progress yet, but I went ahead & put my other computer in it just…well, I’m getting kinda excited & impatient. I also tried hooking up my fightstick via cronusmax, but right now it’s being kinda wonky, so we’ve just been using Xbox one controllers for it.


wow man, that’s very impressive, well done. I have wanted something similar for my house for quite some time now. this is sweet man, enjoy it!!

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This pictures make me want play your KI custom arcade!

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Wow…love the artwork and overall design of the cabinet! Looks AMAZING! :grinning:

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Looks really great lit up.

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[quote=“BigBadAndy, post:11, topic:9660”]
But (as you know) there’s a ton of old stuff floating around that you can run on PC. You are going to have lots of fun with this.
[/quote]Indeed. I have a fairly extensive game library to pull from, and on top of that a few months ago I found a huge mame collection online (not that they’re very hard to get ahold of), as well as a bunch of old DOS games via DOSbox, so yeah…We won’t run out of anything to play anytime soon. Last night my oldest son & I played through Altered Beast. & I don’t know what it is about having a cabinet, but it makes the games feel authentic.

It’s pretty cool, but if I were building a custom cabinet, I’d build a podium cabinet not a traditional 80’s cabinet. I build one like KI2 or MK3 that has a screen not attached to the podium that holds the sticks.

This is basically what I have done. It has some clear advantages, but it also doesn’t give you that full on arcade feel. After all you are essentially just putting sticks on a table.!2142&authkey=!AIravLxPtyWZoe8&v=3&ithint=photo%2Cjpg!2143&authkey=!AONLlQRVayJQrEg&v=3&ithint=photo%2Cjpg

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This is so true. Take a repetitive beat em up like Final fight, throw scan lines across it, crank up the speakers and play it with a joystick and a pedestal and it’s just way more fun.