My jaw dropped on this loss to Kim

I lost on that counter. The rest was just me in a daze. Would say GG to this player, but he/she’s not on the forums.


Not bad dude! You weren’t expecting the counter to work that good/hit I assume?

Bruh, you got rekt’d.

Lol seriously though, that was really close on both ends. Looks crazy intense!

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Well, I went from KNOWING I was going to win to KNOWING I was going to lose. I almost laughed to myself after he countered. I just couldn’t believe it. Didn’t think he had time to do anything. I don’t normally record my losses. But…

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Geez that was close. If TJ landed just one more hit it would have been over. Great match.

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LOL who loses to Kim Wu

Thanks, d-bag.

noooooo :’(

Answer to that is anybody if the player be a formidable match.

I really would not expect to see anyone say “who looses to --------?” Its not the character that makes a good match its the player attached to the character. Some people can really work that underdog character and make the match worth the pay per view. So anyone who says “who looses to whom ever” is just a total tool bag.

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I think this LSD guy is supposed to be some hot shot round these parts. Lol.

Hot shot or not. Its unsat behavior.