My Jago Re-design

Try to ignore the movement. Wasn’t going to even do that, but yeah. Always felt the default costume, had too much going on, so I wanted to try a more simpler look. Drawn with a mouse, so please be nice. :frowning: :slightly_smiling:


While not bad, if you want to go for something simpler, just use his retro. With it, he’s basically wearing pajamas. Personally, I like all of the detail his default outfit has. :slight_smile:

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Yeah. I usually use his retro.His retro has too many rips though. Kinda makes him look like a mummy. lol Wish there were more customization options. Not just of what you can add, but things you can remove.

Who knows? Mayhaps S3 will add more costume variety…

It’s like Jago and Strider Hiryu fused together. I like it!

I’d hope s3 brings more skins.

I like your gif!

Not bad! I like it! Good stuff.

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Pretty nice yet simplistic animation there :slight_smile:

Should be in the game

Very nice, has a more urban feel to it, like something Jago would wear if he decided to “blend” in the city. I quote blend because the mask haha.

Shockingly nice. 9/10

That’s very good I must say

I LOVE this. Granted, I’d have made the mask more like a veil, kind of similar to his KI appearance, but overall I love this.