My Ideal Season 4

Lovecraftian monster
Sol Dukari(General from Kan-Ra’s backstory)
The real Tsar, leader of the Coven(Noble from Kan-Ra’s backstory)
Sword Guardian
New Ultratech creation: Bio cyborg
The last Ichorien

Online practice
More costumes and colors

And I would be happy

Buck from Halo
Magic Archer…but with a twist, she ( yes she) is an immortal warrior like Tusk and just happen to be Eyedol’s mother, and is out to find a way to either revert him to his human form (healed also, obviously) or destroy him. Either/or.
Chtulu-like monster.

1 stage per character plus extras
A season 4 arcade/story mode that includes everyone.
A slightly-updated title that not only has the KI graphic but also if you don’t hit start it begins to cycle through all the trailers and fight reels at random, giving the title that classic arcade feel.
Touch up older characters designs, such as Orchid’s ribbon hair and retro wulf’s skinned rat look, get rid of retro Fulgore’s chin bump thing that makes his faceplate look concave. Just some minor stuff like that.

Well, while we’re at it,. might as well make a list of my own.
#My Season 4:

-Eagle (I’m guessing he’ll fill the “Kelvin” part of the survey or be a Fulgore/Thunder hybrid)



-True Tsar (leader of the vampire coven)

-Mage/Witch (Hood required, fireballs a necessity, cleavage entirely optional)

By having a smaller character roster, it leaves us open for extra FEATURES
-Stages for new characters and existing characters without them (particularly Mira)

-KI2 Music in Practice

-Online Practice


-New Customization stuff to unlock/purchase (Colors, Skins, Accessories, Outfits, Profile Card, etc)

And finally, a few extra goals once the rest of the important stuff is added.
Stretch Goals:
-Retro Stages

-“Shadow” Stages (i.e. Temple of Dawn becomes Temple of Dusk)

-Sea Beast (“Shark TJ” or Lovecraft inspired character)

(by @GlaciusTS )

-A Shadow Character

-One Last Guest (NOT from something that already has a guest in this game. No more Halo, no more Gears, no more Battle Toads. Maybe Joanna or something)


But…but…Nathan Filion…

Nathan Fillion? What about Yip-Yap?

The Covenant already has representation with Arby, we need a UNSC representative, one that could cover both Spartans and ODST/marines. Buck could cover that spot nicely.

Oh, something else that would be great, an in-game replay recording feature, separate from the current method that deletes your entire archive with each update, and apart from the XB1’s game dvr that has to be accessed manually. I’m talking about a separate entity that perhaps records your last 10 matches quietly in the background, and should you choose to archive it, it will stay there permanently. Sure you wouldn’t be able to do stuff like display hit boxes, but then again this is not to replace the replay method currently in place, rather it would compliment it. You could decide if you want to watch the video, or use the current input-recreation replay. It would fix several issues…replays getting deleted with new updates, differences in online matches & replay due to lag issues, etc.

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I just want a revamped, full-featured Training Mode.
-Multiple Recording Storage.
-Recording Playback Randomizer/Organizer.
-Separate Reversal Timing & Wake-up Recordings.

-Update Dojo to S3 mechanics
-Individual Character Dojos

And, this one is a total pipedream, because Isgreen himself has personally told me nay, but a wishlist is for wishes, dammit.
-Playable Training Stage w/ Match-by-match Rotating Backdrops

Retro stages, shadow stages and a true arcade ladder mode. That’s all I really want.

What are you talking about? Eyedol was never Human.

His new bio says he was a human, similar to Tusk, a watchman of the gods, but he absorbed some shadow energy and he became corrupted and turned into his current ogre form and became a power-hungry tyrant.

Where does it say that? Wheres this bio?

In the Definitive Edition bonus content.

Ill have to check that out then but if that is the case I don’t like it the hole once was human thing sounds awful

I had posted the entire bio on here via screen capture right when the DE came out…for the life of me I can’t seem to find it on the forums.

Edit: nevermind, I found it:

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Yeah I don’t like it


And disavowed spy outfit & ponytail for Orchid

My ideal season4:


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Awhhhh shucks, you remembered me. :slight_smile:

Just a heads up, though. While I indeed created the character and paid for the art, credit goes to the amazing Dopepope for the creature model itself.

Honored someone in the community remembered, though. Had a lot of fun working with dope on that. Would love to work with an artist on a redesign some day.

Just go watch the KI cup from this spring when rukari gets up to speak before Kim Wu and listen to what the crowd screams. In unison.

@Fwufikins Had the cool idea of Wendigo.
Never realized I wanted A scary urban myth/spooky spaghetti until I saw that art for him.