My idea to improve Ranked

I have an idea to spice up ranked matches a little. Right now, this is basically a 60% grind and 40% skill contest. If you have a lot of time you can crawl yourself to top32 even if you lose a lot.

Its frustrating like, a player was on his way to top 32, real life caused him to take a week break and now he is screwed cause he has 5000 points and 32th place player has 15000 lmao.

Here is my suggestion:

Make it possible for players from higher than 300th place to send challenge to anyone from top32 and its all up to them if they take this challenge or not (ignoring challenge would not punish in any way). If top32 player takes the challenge, they will have to fight first to 5 set. If challenger wins, he takes place of challenged top32 player, if he loses, he gets severe penalty, like, not being able to play ranked until reset or something.

These matches could be recorded and posted weekly by official KI medias for some hype.

This could have some hype name, I dont have any good idea now but it will come sometime.

What do you think?

Nobody in top 32 would be willing to accept that challenge. Why risk it after all of their hard work? As a matter of fact, why would the challenger if they could also lose everything? Besides, the latter could simply probe through top 32 stats and find the former with the weakest win percentage, and challenge that 1.


I honestly don’t care about top 32 anymore. Having a pro star would be cool, but I play tons of top players that don’t have stars. I’ve played people with stars that were dubious at best.

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Yeah, GG is right here. There is absolutely no incentive in that model for a top 32 player to ever accept a challenge.

Look, the fact is that there are any number of factors that prevent people from reaching a pro star or consistent, Ranked stardom. And that’s how it is. If you want to devote the time and effort to ace an online leader board, it’s going to take time and effort to get up there.

Let me give a personal example. Back when the Batman Arkham games first came out, I would usually place in the top 100 for some combat challenge maps for like a day and then I would fade away into the middle ground. When Arkham Origins came out, I actually held Number 1 on a couple of maps before fading away. Now while it was a huge feather in my cap, I knew that holding the rank would take far more effort and time than it was worth for me. Now the people who have long since held it, it may have taken a lot of effort on their part to keep the spot. It also could’ve been just straight skill and one, good placement. The point is, if I wanted to hold the spot, I had no delusions about grinding the fight and studying the mechanics and logging game after game after game to hold it. That’s just how it is.

Honestly, what would “fix” ranked is if they go back to S1 Ranking System with 40 actual Ranks, but make it harder to get deranked, so that one or two losses wouldn’t negatively impact you, as it did in S1.

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