My idea for a Community Fundraiser: Have the Arbiter/Keith David as an alternative announcer

I’m not saying this should be the first fundraiser or that this should take priority over adding more characters, stages, or skins. But I do think that this is something realistic that could be acchieved easily and would satisfy everyone involved. Can you imagine the Arbiter yelling “UUUULTRAAAAAAA!!!”

“If they came to hear me beg, they will be disappointed.”

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that’s a neat idea but I’d much rather it’s be for a slightly more useful feature. like Ultimates

I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that his voice freakin’ awesome.

It would be so awesome to have some Halo announcers and have teh KI announcer read off the Halo medals.

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Call of Duty had Snoop Dog as an announcer.

My vote is still for the Halo Announcer!

But more Keith David never hurt anybody.

on that end that would be pretty interesting.

After watching Rash’s dance, all I want is for every character to have a dance. I want sabrewulf to thriller dance. Its a thing in mobas, can’t see why it can’t be a thing for fighting games with KI leading the charge. The start button doesn’t even let me look at the combo list online, might well let me do a dance IG.

Also, hearing keith yell ultra combo seems character breaking for the arbiter. Makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it. Much rather have the Halo announcer.

If they ever bring back Humiliations, you’ll have your wish granted lol