MY GOOD BYE to my favourite game and why?!

i think its more a feedback

Hello everyone,
this is my last post on this forum and probably my last experience on killer instinct xbox one. till come good news for everyone ( i mean everyone happy in changes nope only the thunders players ort others) just example.

I am nope against the idea of ​​lowering the damage of some characters.

But when in exchanges your character ends up in the vortex that made by other characters, thats is the moment uask u own, that whats happens?

why S3 damagers characters as:


They all have at least a STAGGER or a FLIP OUT … have the chance to try to continue their combo and not others ???

I felt a great INJUSTICE because thats two new combat features at least one of two options have to be gived to each charactersin the rooster , by one way or another !.

That was ur decision to make it @TempusChaoti :neutral_face: then dont make injustice beetween players :unamused:.
History not to make jealous.

I assure you that when you find yourself facing a character with flip out or stagger. u just feel bad cause u dont have any of them , and just feel the vortex more damages goin.

The worst when you find yourself facing omen or thunder , as a Maya and Sadira player, you can only cash out when the vortex is launched.

That and the non stop nervfin system have-been too much for me.

anyway i enjoyed my s2 and hope yall Good luck.
thank u for all

So u guys i hope when u develop new system for the future u should first think that this game was nope only made for ur own satisfaction but for first the characters user or mains cause we pay to enjoy us cast no to feel upset after onwned a character. once again no everybody need or like to change character at every update

@TheKeits @TempusChaoti @rukizzel @TheNinjaOstrich @WebNRaGnArOk thats why so u know and pretty sure to nope been alone to feel bad since S3

ok a last thing i need to do for my own

Rather overdramatic.
Bye then, good luck with your life.


Stagger and flipout are just options for a character.

Not every character has a command grab. Not every character has a fireball. Not every character has a wall splat ender.

If you don’t like the strengths of your character, and you want them to have a flipout or stagger, go play a character with flipout or stagger! I don’t play Zangief and then complain that I don’t have a fireball.

I hope you enjoy the next game you play.


Usually, we called that “Balance”.
You know, the something a fighting game needs to be fair, good and interesting.

Tell me what KI should looks if all characters have the same synergy/moveset/skills…

It would like a SF with all characters would be Ken/Ryu.
Please, consider what a " real balance" is, and come back later with REAL arguments…

Or just…Good bye.
I’ll not say “thanks you” because you deleted all of your memories about KI…

exactly the same way no one had in the preceding seasons and they announce that with the arrival of Shago jago they would introduce this system.

so why do injustice? i Feel it injustice because no body was supposed to have it or introduce it at last one for every character to stay in a good balancing ( i mean if i fight against u and u do have a extra free tool and nope me , u do have more chance to bring me in a vortex than me ) so make it equitable . theses shoulds be a basis for everyone.

i d already did since S3 :blush:
but unfortunately killer instinct classic and S2 stay in my head :sob:
thats why i was here every new patchs to look at whats new about my characteres or even the system

What about S2? Nobody had recapture, then they made this system and gave it only to some characters. You seem okay with this.

I hope that time will eventually heal your wounds, deep as they may be.

the S2 bring recapture only with the s2 character nope the S1( correct me if im wrong)
then they shoud just leave the flip out and the stagger to the s3 character so no jealous.

Orchid and Sabrewulf were given recaptures from S1.

And some S2 characters didn’t get recapture at all.

@Infilament also do u kno the feeling it give when u fight against thunder in s2 and u main sadira ? it was all a lost fight if u dont take care enought.
but now in s3 with all that stagger add to thunder plus flip out thats just really but really difficult to sadira.
I S2 i was nope caring to fight itamaster cause i knew the chance was enought ( hes has damages i has damage too so good luck ) but now thats just woooowww thunder do so much damage pus the fip out vortex what would u say to that?
explain me please.

should i everytime i see a thunder , take glacius just beacause of more chance? thats no sense to me
i dont feel confortable with glacius even with damages i dont care .

Sounds like Thunder vs Sadira is a bad match in S3. Sometimes fighting games have bad matches. I’m sorry that the character you picked has a bad match.

Anyway, have a good night, friend.

it was nope a bad matchup in S1 or even S2 they makes it become a bad matchup :pensive:


Nice try, Ed Boon


looolll looool u just catches my thought ahhahah :wink: waiting for 2017 hahaha

and between i stop video games too and got concentred with my CISCO formation for CCNA3
but really i likes my characters im just gonna wait the next killer to see whats new.

@TentacledMink36 did u saw the trailer ? i was like WTF ??? lol like a little child :joy:

Fighting games change. that’s just how it is. characters change and sometimes have bad match ups. that’s just how it is. if you can’t handle that then I guess you’ll have to find a different genre because that’s quite a large part of fighting games. your only options are to change characters in those situations (which you don’t need to do as you may really like the character) or a better option is to just adapt and learn how to react to these changes. it’s not worth quitting the game because of a few changes and bad match ups. that just seems a bit over dramatic.

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can someone help me please im looking everywhere the option to delete my account but i dont find it @rukizzel @CStyles45

You don’t need to delete your account. Just stop posting here. You have made your proclamation in two different threads and made your complaint heard. You have received, in my opinion, far more attention than your complaint merits. But since these types of posts are vanity threads, rest assured that we are all looking at you. Please now gracefully just exit.


@BigBadAndy thats what im tryin to do dont even worry about lol :sunglasses:
but if u dont know the best ways to leave once for all thats to break the door to be sure to nope come back because of feelings.
if i just delete for me im all free and nope more temptation to be active in some polls or others thing . so u know it clearly. just tell me how to delete i do it directly .
and also @BigBadAndy dont bring ur salt mouth on my last thread all im asking is to delete and i dont see why u remember me my past on here .

Honestly, I haven’t been playing KI much myself, not because of any changes or that I don’t like KI any more, but largely due to having other games and life occupying my time. I’ve recently discovered Final Fantasy 14 and that game is a life stealer to be sure. I also play Destiny as well.

Here’s the deal, anytime you’re spending more time frustrated with a game, than enjoying it, it’s time to take a break. There is absolutely nothing wrong with setting KI aside, but I would advise as you paid for this game, not to close the door completely.

I’ve been where you were many times, largely due to game breaking bugs that unfortunately caused me to lose all of my experience, not once, but twice. IG worked with me to figure out the issues and those issues were resolved.

In terms of the direction the game is going… Look there is ALWAYS going to be things you’re going to disagree with. Fighting games evolve, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. You wouldn’t be the first person who vocally left KI due to changes to the game (Acid Glow anyone), BUT the way I feel is this. You’ve invested so much time into this game, it is a disservice to “call it quits”. Take a break. Enjoy other games (like me) as KI isn’t the ONLY game out there.

I will always have a place on my console for KI, no matter what. :smiley:

I too would like to make an announcement…

Later this afternoon, I’ll be playing Overwatch for about 45 minutes… I know, I know… its a big deal guys. I might not comeback to KI until tomorrow afternoon! #Pray4DurtyDee810