My game seems to have no ultimates

Just out ki on having a good old go

I know how to do them but they don’t work… They arnt even on the command list?

@rukizzel why hasn’t my game updated?

Download the pack.

The ultimates are in the in game store. Under coming soon in the section that has the concept art, KI1 music etc.

What he said, there’s a DLC pack that is free. You can find it either in the MS Store menus on Xbox, or in game in the Extras sections. After downloading that, they should work.

One way to tell if it’s working is if you select a character with an Ultimate, there should be a symbol pop up on your side of the character select screen with the letter U and lightning coming from it.

Got it thanks guys I didn’t have my glasses on!

Why isn’t this just a. Update to the game?


Less chance to cause glitches and bugs and unintended changes to the rest of the game probably.

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