My Cross Buy for season 1& 2 isn't working. How do I get it to work?

So far the game has only crossed over season 3 content and Shadow Jago. Has anyone else had this problem and how can I fix it?

Did you read the instructions about booting up in Xbox one first before PC?

what if you dont have an xbox one? i used to have one but sold it and im trying to play on my pc, the content isnt carrying over.

Having the same problem, I booted up on my XO first and left it about 20 mins before booting PC to give the save time to upload but it doesn’t seem to have worked :frowning:

It does it on the menu screen, it tells you it’s synced for pc when it’s worked.

Yes that’s what I did hours before it even came to Windows 10.

Yeah I remember that when I started it up but I still only have Shadow Jago and season 3 stuff. It might be because when I downloaded the season 3 update all of my season 1&2 stuff disappeared and I had to re-download it.

I’m pretty sure that’s for save data, not purchases. I don’t have an Xbox One, so I’ll have to track down some gaming lounge or something to set things up from that end. Otherwise, I’ll just have to wait on Microsoft and Iron Galaxy to fix this.

Then it wont carry over…you must start over with your data

If you start it without booting xbox one 1st…you will not get your carry over data. Read the instructions in the Thread that say IMPORTANT PC users…must read

you may have needed to have the S1 and 2 characters installled before the sync, i have no idea if they do a licence check or a current install dlc check before syncing the data or what, maybe email support and ask them about it.

Where do I go for that? or Google xbox live chat support should take you to the page.

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This seems to still be an issue :frowning: