My credit card has apparently been compromised after buying Fulgore from BigBadToystore

I just got a call from my bank.

It seems they have blocked an incoming charge of 4 euros from a British hotel.
I have never been in the UK ever.

My last two credit card purchases in the last three months have been

KI season 3
Fulgore toy from BBTS

Since we don’t have any news that the Microsoft store has been compromised, I must understand I have suffered phishing from the BBTS website.

I am not accusing BBTS directly, but it’s evident that entering my personal data in their website has caused this. By external hackers, or themselves.

Mike replied
May 13, 10:50am
Good morning ■■■,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your security concerns and I apologize that you are experiencing a complication with your card. We take all security matters seriously and have spent considerable time and resources to make sure our customers’ financial data is safe. All personal data sent to us is encrypted using SSL technology. We are PCI compliant and additionally do not store full credit card information on our servers. All information is securely kept and processed by PayPal, our credit card processing gateway. Because cards are stored by PayPal, no employee or owner at BBTS has access to your full credit card information; we can only view the first 4 and last 4 digits. We also invest heavily in intrusion prevention and monitoring systems that protect our systems from any type of attack. Our systems are tested daily for vulnerabilities and are monitored by a staff of security experts 24 hours a day. We have not experienced any security alerts, warnings, or problems from our web host or monitoring service. Please be assured that we do everything within our power to make the shopping experience at BigBadToyStore as safe as possible.

It is important for all consumers to take safeguards to protect the personal and financial information on their personal computers. There are a number of ways that financial or private information may be compromised. There are many viruses and malware that specifically target personal and financial data by installing key-loggers on users’ computers. These programs record all key strokes and send this data directly to unscrupulous individuals. We suggest running anti-virus and malware software, and doing virus scans from multiple vendors as not all viruses are found by all anti-virus software. Phishing sites mask themselves as legitimate sites tricking users to submit their information. It is important to look at the URL of all sites you visit to ensure you are not visiting a phishing site. Some anti-virus software monitor phishing sites and will help in this process. Keeping anti-virus software and operating systems up to date is an important step to keeping personal information safe.

I hope that this information has been helpful and please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.

I was going to suggest checking your PC and such if BBTS didn’t claim they had been attacked or anything. It’s kinda terrifying how easily malware and such gets on your PC and how efficiently it can steal from you.

yes, but I must say I don’t think it’s on my end. I’ve made dozens of purchases over the years, antivirus online protection up to date, only two purchases in the last months… it’s either them, or MS.

Could be MS store in fact, but I doubt it.

Also I’ve never been a victim of phishing and don’t understand what profit they were going to have by charging me 4 euros… I guess 4 euros from 1000 cards is 4000 profit… yet it was a charge from a well known Hotels franchise “Holiday’s inn”

Yeah that’s… Weird. Lol. Typically you’d think since they would only get away with one or two charges before most cards shut down, they’d go for more than 4$ lol. Maybe it’s some scam I’m ignorant of and there was going to be significant method to the madness…

Who knows. I live in terror of using my credit cards.

Good luck getting it sorted, super glad it got caught so fast and didn’t balloon into a major ordeal.

contact the police ASAP your credit card must be cloned!!!

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thanks it’s already cancelled.

Go ahead and do w.e it is in your power to resolve this. I know somebody who is a victim of identity theft and whoever this person was that got her info attempted to steal money online using their information many times, and now the person whose info was stolen and used is being charged for the crime that somebody else did with her info.

It’s a damn shame because she even provided local law enforcement with papers supporting that her info has been stolen/used and they didn’t care. Now she is having to get a lawyer and prove that it wasn’t her that did it. That’s right, she is having to prove her innocence. It is a really screwed up situation.


Do you use that card anywhere else? I have had a card "skimmed’ at a restaurant before and also at a retail shop. Sometimes the number isn’t used for a while to avoid suspicion on the skimmer, and usually the numbers are sold to others to use anyway.

So you may have been skimmed somewhere else, not necessarily online… unless that’s all you use that card for.

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Last five…

ATM withdraw
ATM withdraw
Fulgore toy
ATM withdraw

If any, maybe it was “cloned” in the ATM itself… I have no idea how they do it. Wouldn’t a restaurant cashier have to be in cahoots with the scammers? Or can they just sniff the info from the wireless payment machine?

The cashier could be the scammer. Some young girl who worked a starbuck’s window got busted scanning people’s cards and stealing their info. It could be literally anybody who has had their hands on your card :confused:

I have had my card number randomly generated and they tried to use it but had the wrong name. Ask them if they had all of your CC info right and that will tell you if someone copied it or they randomly just got your card #

I saw on the news a while ago that some ATM machines have been used to steel information.


This is scary news. Thug should keep in touch with your bank. Also try to get other personal info tied to your card LOCKED DOWN.

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Ive bought many things from BBTS throughout the years and I have never had any problem with cards and ive had a few different ones used from them. I dont think it would be on BBTS’ side but i would definitely run a few anti malware programs on your computer as it may be compromised.

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