My case for the return of one character release per month for S4 ! RT

Its the Nigerian KI War General up in here

Next on my list is the character release model we have. Like i said earlier i dislike this long wait for characters for the new season, I want us to return to the one character per month model This by far was the most successful model so far The kanra era, The aganos era. The entire S2 era that brought the most beautifully designed characters to the current Ki.

why do i want this ??

I want the hype to return …monthly hype,
i want the anticipation to return , monthly anticipation,
i want the tease to return monthly tease ( remember when ishmael showed omen’s legs?)

It keeps people talking bout KI and playing KI constantly.
if we would be honest with ourselves, the one charatcer per month model is our best bet.

waiting 100 years for a complete season doesnt guarantee that the season will be successful or devoid of bugs or continuos improvement. We are very difficult to please, just do whats best for the game. and that is what has succeeded with clear evidence, the S2 release model

I want back the kanra era,i want the aganos era, I want hype , I want to anticipate. I want the blood rush, I want the surprise
i want back the most successful release model we had, if it worked wonders, why change it?

To all the goons that matter, To all the decision makers that observe and listen very very carefully

Kindly Bring back our one character release model now!


The Nigerian Killer Instinct War General

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If it brings us more characters, especially of Kan-ra quality, I will gladly pay ten times the price of any other fighting game out there, and monthly as well? Man, sign me up and then sign me up AGAIN. I’d pre-order the day it was available.

-@franciscapra aka SE1Z3

I think quality requires time…

Umm… that’s all fine and dandy but I’d prefer the devs take their time with each new addition. The monthly adds were fun for casual players but doing so meant rushed builds and more frequent bugs to appear. Not only that, if they happen to fall behind schedule, the fan base would rip itself apart like it did around the end of Season 1.

I just want quality made characters here. This isn’t Smash where balance is thrown out the window for the sake of having more characters.

or any other quality or game

me personally, don’t mind non-balanced characters if it serves the lore.

see both sides though. :slight_smile:

I would like to see more characters but the problem with IG rushing out a character every month is that they are likely to be unbalanced. TJ, Maya and Kan Ra are three perfect examples because those characters had little time to be worked on and they were three very over powered characters. A new season or even a new game would be great, just maybe not in the monthly character format.