My brother used my KI Gold

So I just signed in to find that I no longer have the 18,000 KI Gold instead I have 8925… What now? I’m devasted. How am I going to beat Gargos in SL if I don’t have anymore KI Gold to purchase the packs. My brother is 5 he discovered my ^,^,v,v,<,> password to my account so I’m at a loss right now.

EDIT: He bought some of Eyedol’s accessories , it sucks since I never buy any of this crap, I fight to earn it, I don’t just buy it. :frowning: I’m so upset , 39.99 down the drain just like that

Well you don’t NEED KI gold to play Shadow Lords, it only provides a shortcut. If you really need it, buy a few thousand more gold.

I don’t need to buy it, they gave it to me for purchasing season 3 earlier and now it’s all gone. I don’t have money to just spend on game currency

Its not their fault your sibling got a hold of your game, they can’t compensate you for a mistake that’s out of their control. Like I said, you don’t need it for Shadow Lords its just a shortcut. Sorry to hear you can’t afford more but I’m sure you can manage with 8,000 instead of 18.

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My life sucks

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Trust me friend life could be a whole hell of a lot worse than loosing a few dollars of virtual currency in a video game, I can tell you firsthand life gets a lot worse. Be grateful you have video games to play, that you have a family and a little brother who terrorizes you because it could get much, much worse.


What xCrimsonLegendx is saying, give it some time to put it in perspective, it blows for sure, but it isnt the end of the world.

Acting like it is, with worse things happening in the world only makes people think your a whiny little kid.

That said, I have overreactions sometimes too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, so like I said, time and perspective.

Fully understandable regarding how stuff like that sucks. My youngest is almost 4 and he likes playing KI, and oftentimes when I’m playing ranked on PC he’ll turn on our XB1, which my profile is set to auto sign-in and load up KI which boots me off and I lose points for the disconnect.
Unfortunately about the only thing you could really do is change your password and help him to understand what he did and maybe he won’t do it again.

Alternatively you can set your profile to require your actual Microsoft account password when you log in, that’s something he’s not likely to break. Its a hassle yet but its about as secure as you can get.

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Or have a password, like me, who’s button inputs aren’t all that relative to each other like that one.

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Your parents should be able to buy you more KI gold if the could afford Internet and an xboxone.

Offer to do chores for pay, sell lemonade, this generation is about hustling to obtain what you want in life

Lol I can buy it myself I have a pretty good stable job. I don’t need to be doing chores like if I was a 15 year old, I do things around the house without asking for payment. I also pay the Internet and bought the Xbox one on my own. My parents only ever buy stuff for me when we go out. But I don’t want to spend money on some gold when it’s probably going to be stupid stuff like buffs and guardians, I was okay with purchasing them since I got 18,000 free KI Gold. But for me to buy it? No thanks, I’d rather use my money for other things.

Also I’m pretty sure a 19 year old selling lemonade will be a great red flag for the neighborhood , now that’s just weird. Lol but thanks for the suggestions, I’ll have to wait and see what shadow lords has to offer besides packs.