My Blades are Sharp and Silent - Sadira Tech Thread

Her webs will trap you faster than you can say Widow’s Bite.

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Sadira tech, Visine. Kappa.

I dont play Sadira but as a primer, what is Ira’s wakeup option besides Shadow Backflip? I’ve been giving her the pizza cutter treatment as shadow jago on wakeup and I’m wondering if the reason its working is because my opponents don’t know their options.

I generally agree with you. Now that Pizza cutter has been nerfed, generally Sadira can do a few things. Obviously, she can block it. She can use Fang (timing is strict). She can use Shadow Web Cling or Shadow Recluse.

Now that Pizza cutter has been balanced, I don’t have much problems with Shago any more. It is amusing to see how frustrated Shagos get when they can’t yolo Pizza Cutter any more. :smiley:

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Ya, I had a feeling it wasnt because I was god tier.

That’s a fight I love now in se3 tbh so mutch fun without yolo cutter lmao

I don’t think this is supposed to be possible…

It’s fine. It’s no different than Aganos breaking you in the air and then recapturing you into a full combo. It’s just one other than alt players have to watch out for during Sadira’s instinct.

Jump canceling stand lk into sweep is rarely mentioned/used but it seems like it would be useful if sadira players could consistently hit it. I wouldn’t say this isn’t worthwhile but its SOOOOO hard.

That’s pretty sweep… her sweet!