My Apparent Disdain for Life Bars

Have you ever had one of those matches that goes absolutely wrong, and yet everything comes together in the end.

To be fair, I played lousy for much of this match. Una’s connection is always really iffy, and I was getting all sorts of timing lockouts and such, but I was still very happy to have survived and won the set.


Me and my son watched this last night on Xbox live and my sons was like "daddy that match was awesome!"
So you you must have done something right because he was thoroughly entertained! I missed most of it as I had walked into the kitchen. I’ll check it out today.

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That’s awesome! I’m glad it entertained somebody. I sent Una a message afterward, stating that his fight gave me an anxiety attack.

My favorite part in this whole match is the part where I dodge Una’s Shadow Wall of Light with Shadow Demon Blade. His reaction is literally priceless.


Dude i just watched it and that was SICK!!! I bet he was pissed offfff!!! OMG I would have been ! LOL

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Oh I’m sure he said, “WTF!” after I dodged the entire Shadow Attack. What’s so funny is that he was so stunned, he literally didn’t know what to do next. :smiley:

Yeah becasue he got you with that on the 1st life bar. That was a great move.
I been using Sadira a lot lately and I wish I could make her so annoying like that!

Honestly, what a lot of people don’t understand is that it takes a LOT of work to be good with Sadira, period. I get a lot of heat for having her in the air so much, but unless a person gives me a reason to stay grounded, I tend to use her air mobility to my advantage. When I’m jumping around, it’s generally to dodge attacks and zone the other player.

When I’m really feeling my stride, I can do a LOT of crazy tech with her. I can still make a health bar disappear, but it takes a lot of work.

Honestly, as cool as this match is, I made a lot of mistakes, namely not capitalizing on Counter Breakers. I HAVE to start using them more as this person, who was very good at breaking, would have at least eaten one or two, of which would have given me a huge advantage.

Oh definitely I never doubted it takes skill to keep her in the air and all the jump cancels and juggles. I dont think anyone thinks she is easy to use, I think most peoples issue with her is she doesnt play the same game as most of the cast. That game being on the ground and footsie based “its my turn” type play. Which can be frustrating when you cant pin her down and then she crosses you up or tags you from across the screen with kunai damn near the top of he screen. But yeah she is very hard to master for sure.

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I didn’t realize which section this is and I thought “Life bars” were some new fancy granola bars.

idk what I expected tbh.


Life Bars help you get your game on! I can see it now. :smiley:

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You’ll get a lot of heat regardless of what you do in these instances. The ideology behind losing in a way that makes someone incapable of adaptation is usually only excused as the victor’s “lame playstyle”. Especially when that playstyle is the characters strength. Sadira jumps, Eagle fires arrows, Jago pushes buttons, the world rotates.

Point is, that despite complaining myself at times, I reason with players doing whatever means to win. If it works, then no one is to blame but the loser, hence the implication of the name.

That was genius to be fair! Another example of how much you like living on the edge, I think if you were a Pokemon, you’d be a “danger” type as you perform the best at the very end of your life bar. :wink:

Also, did I start a thing talking about your life bar allergies? Am I now a hipster myself?


First, I’m intrigued by that gt. “Unanoche/One night”. Does it mean he appears 1 time at night? I remember faicng him once: one night and just one time! :joy: what a mistery!!

Orchid can be hard. If you don’t have a lot of idea of the match up (well, like everything in this game) you are done.
I can imagine this is not an easy fight for Sadira too. Similar to Wulf, Orchid is strong in the ground, but she hits harder (ouch!, so many Wulfs have fallen by misterious Orchids)

She’s good at it. It’s a good way to bait stuff and go for cross ups. Gargos can do the same with multi jump and it helps to move around better. But I get how ppl can get easily annoyed by this as well (me included when I’m on the other side).

At first she used to be strong enough and not that hard. She was the queen of the air, juggles were a nightmare and are harder to break (not to guessbreak for sure). But after S3 it became a little harder for her, including that new characters were available for counterpicks that will mess with her strategy. The only ppl who use her are the ones who care about the character, which is good because they have nice fights to give with plenty of tech and tactics. Just because it wasn’t “easy winning like before”.

I would call lame a Shago just runnig from corner to corner and use fireball and sad mix ups the whole game considering all the pressure options he has. Lame is also using Wulf and not even with a lead, run away expecting the other player to go during THE WHOLE match.
Lame is a Jago that just go to the corner and try to zone me when I have a significant life lead and can dodge his fireballs, but I eventually get bored and do something else.
What’s wrong? are they playing the Football World Cup that happen every 4 years? :expressionless: It’s 50 points! (considering how much I play ranked I don’t have points to give).
It’s not EVO and you even need more than just lame play to win EVO (well, maybe? :rofl:).

Lame play it’s not only boring to play but also boring to watch. I think is a person’s way of playing, not an exclusive character feature.

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I agree @MaruMDQ. I’ve seen quite a few Shagos that will hit you once or twice and then run the entire match. There is a troll that I run into who has changed his name several times, to hide the fact that he is really a troll. He runs the clock. I’ve literally lost and we both still had almost full green bars at the end. IF by chance you get a decent life lead, the match becomes intolerably laggy until he’s in the lead.

I called him out on it. He replied, “That’s how you win bro.”

For me, lame play, constitutes using loopholes, glitches, and other anomalies, to win a match. To me, this still constitutes as cheating.

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That’s the whole quote.

I just wanted to talk about the lame part. I do agree that Sadira is not lame but just annoying because of her main playstyle. But can she be played lame? Probably most characters can.

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I hate lame play as much as the next guy, but i have an understanding of it as well.

When in a competition, strengths must be used to their full extent. When people get serious, there is no honor code or holding back. Just play. And that play means giving yourself the best advantage while limiting your opponents options. I would never get better at my character if i didn’t utilize his zoning. It is a strength that i must use (its different when its friendly)

But on the other side. Its a uphill battle. We must outsmart the opponent and make them do mistakes. They are using their tools, what can i do to counter it. Take it as a challenge and stay calm. There is no such thing as unbeatable play.

Also, if you don’t want people running away with the life lead" then don’t give them that lead.


I don’t really consider using a character’s strengths to give you an advantage lame play. In a tourney you want to give yourself every advantage you can get. This is why I saw a lot of people counter pick Sadira with Gargos in the last few tourneys. It is one of Sadira’s worse matches and most Gargos players can easily dispatch her, as we seen with Rico Suave a few tourneys ago.

To me that’s not lame play. That’s smart play…

What I consider lame play is using glitches and broken tech to manipulate the game, such as that Rash glitch that allowed him to enter into Ultra state even if you weren’t in a combo. As an individual who already views Rash = Cheating to begin with, having lost matches due to this glitch, didn’t make me any happier about this awful character.

Another example was CDjr’s EVO win using Sadira’s spin to win unbreakable glitched combo. I rewatched that tourney not too long ago and you could honestly tell that the excitement went out of the room once he started that combo. People were all hyped until he started using that tech, because there was only a slim chance anybody could break it.

Or Shinsako’s virtually never get touched by Raam glitch that meant it was a no win for Raam.

These things of course are what the devs have to fix to make things fair.

I for one, never attempted to learn tech that I knew would get patched out. I always wanted my wins to be honest within the game rules and such.

Oh btw… I didn’t it again.

This isn’t a Sadira match, but I guess my talent for surviving at the edge of my life has been passed on to my Crapsako. :stuck_out_tongue:

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