My and maybe anyones greatest comeback vids

Here is my comeback! Spoiler alert! Its a successful comeback.

Let me know what you guys think. I forgot to upload this a few weeks ago. Enjoy.


Heh nice one. :beers:

So close to the brink, but then coming back.

I remember I got this beauty back in my S2 climb to Killer

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The momentum after that first lifebar on the opponent’s was gone! Props to that player though, pretty solid Sadira.

i have a pixel comeback it was unsucessful due to lag switching but other then that u can clearly see that i won!543&authkey=!AJnO1lKqpfjhvGs&ithint=video%2Cmp4

Kim Wu’s damage sucks

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I got a link here, I have a few in the chamber I try to update at least quarterly :grin:

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Got a nice pile going haha

You won tho!!!
But didn’t you have to work a lot -

14 hits only to get 24%!

The Maya vs Kan-Ra battle at 4:33

Kan-Ra kicked my ■■■ the first round, taunted, then kicked my ■■■ for a good portion of the next round.
My 72% Cash Out save me, followed quickly by the unblockable projectile into Ultra.
The triple-scarab-swarm escape at 5:55 was pretty damn perfect too :wink:

If you’re wondering why I ate so many insect swarms that match, I did it for the protein benefits.

Notice the 69% combo during the 2nd life bar lol.

I actually think her damage is pretty normal. It’s just that 2 of her enders are weak.

Had a pretty nice combat the other day playing a friend if mine. Basically no health and brought it back. :slight_smile: