Music to feature in KI next?

Any music to future in KI next? Since every character is based on their origins.

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What kind of music?

Well here’s what we’ve heard…

Jago - Tibetan music
Glacius - sci-fi alien music
Thunder & Eagle - Native American music
Orchid - electropop music
Spinal - pirate music
Fulgore - robot music
TJ Combo - hip-hop & rap
Kan-Ra - Babylonian/Persian music
Aganos - Greek music
Hisako - J-Horror music to Shin Hisako - samurai music
Kim Wu - Chinese kung fu music with a touch of k-pop
Tusk - viking music
Mira - vampire macabre music

I’m thinking for new characters:

  • Cowboy Western music
  • Indian/Hindu/Bollywood music

How about orchestral music?

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Well let’s see:

  • Sabrewulf: Victorian werewolf music
  • ARIA: Techno-Dubstep music

Guess Sabrewulf counts are orchestral.

Any other music in mind? Arabian?


Arabian yes. I’m also thinking Irish and Russian.


Well what characters would you have in mind on these tunes?

How about Indian/Hindu/Bollywood music?

And we need African tribal music to bring out someone “Black Panther” style!

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There is no such thing as Victorian werewolf music or pirate music lol… you are breaking down the genres way too far.

How about " the best music that the musician writes that fits for said character?"

This is about what is the best music to be used to create new characters.

My heart of hearts tells me that deep down, in the future sequel of KI, they should get Alestorm to help with Spinal’s theme.

I want a jazz theme in the next KI.

This is my new song btw :worried: @developers

I think a cool take on the select theme would be something like from 1:31-1:42 of this:

But with a guitar riff like from 0:21 to punctuate the song, perhaps at the end of this set of notes or perhaps at the end of the song itself before starting back at the beginning:

The rest of the song would have the same notes like from 0:08-10, but with that heavier beat and occasionally punctuated by that riff after 0:16: