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I don’t know if this has been posted yet, and I apologize if it has, but now that we can select the music of our choice for any stage, why can’t we get KI 1 tracks too? They’re obviously already in the game since you can turn them on for training mode. If there’s any chance of making that a reality, I’d like to go a step further and request the KI 2 tracks as well.

Anyway, great job so far on s3, been having a lot of fun.

Word on the forums is that it won’t happen because the new music is dynamic and changes as you fight. The old music wasn’t made with that in mind and would take some effort to chop up into the game. Am sure someone could mod it in for PC players but on consoles I don’t think the devs will spend time and effort on it.

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They could at least just let the music play and include the danger portions of the music from KI & KI 2. I don’t see how that would be any harder than the two new composers creating a danger element for the current season 3 songs.

They emphasize how they build portions of the music and ‘make the combo’ parts of the season3 songs and ‘killer instinct-ize’ the songs.

I bet Rkosmik could do it in a jiffy.

Some things are not because it can’t happen, sometimes it’s just because someone is saying they don’t Want to do it.

How do you turn the old tracks on in training mode?

You go to practice mode and to the far right you should see a see a selection of music with a pic next to it the first one being default

I’ve said before, if the older K.I. music sounds better than the new music with ‘dynamic themes’ to an individual, then the ‘dynamic themes’ are basiclly nothing more than a gimmick to them.

Give us the option.

Dynamic themes… haha.

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I wish that they when you are selecting music, player one would have to wait for player two to choose before the match begins. I have been stuck in strings of matches in which I cannot change my music because player one will not give me time.

Select your fave in a single vs cpu first, then enter multiplayer.

Sometimes I’ll just choose random before going into multi