Music options

The music in this game is beyond epic, however, the dynamic in which they are played in game leaves out so many pieces of theses extraordinary tracks. There needs to be an option that allows us to turn off dynamic themes when playing in addition to the ability to just play the soundtrack. Best music to ever grace a fighting game in my opinion. Sometimes I just want to hear these tracks play out.

I much prefer the dynamicness of it all. I’m not sure how they would add a way to just play the track out. Especially since a lot of these songs are naturally longer than 99 seconds.

good point, i didnt think about how long these tracks really are. Still, it would be nice to be able to hear them go through there paces. Couch vs would be fitting as my friend and I set the time to infinite and take our sweet time killing each other.

I’m hoping that MS adds custom soundtracks with out having the music app snapped to the screen back into the OS. Once that happens you can pretty much do what you want. I want this feature for driving games.

Would like this as an option as well. Can’t wait for the new season’s soundtrack to come out on iTunes so I can jam. Love RKosmik putting the dynamic versions online but I like the real tracks a lot more.

I know this thread is old, but on another note, while having the ability to select a character theme is fine, it is often the case that the opponent picks random (stage select) before a theme can be selected. To further alleviate the issue of not hearing every theme, how about having the ability to play a random theme on every stage?