Mural Artist Achievement not fixed in S3

Being one of the many people who have had the Mural Artist achievement not unlocking after 100% completing S1 (in S2, after S2 changed the requirements), I was really hoping this would get fixed in S3. But after playing the new update the Mural Artist has not unlocked or changed status in any way, though my S1 completion in the game still shows 100%.

Does anyone know of any other way to get this to unlock? I’ve tried all of the standard remedies for stuck achievements and I even have a ticket with Xbox Live support that hasn’t gone anywhere in months.

Sorry I can’t be of help but I feel your pain. Two bugs I really really wish would be fixed were the Mural Artist achievement bug so I can finally have the damn thing and the fact my trials keeps displaying the incompleteable ‘perform 3 shadow Enders as Omen’

They fixed it awhile back. Go back to the story mode and view the mural and an ending and it will pop up. I dont know if it is bugged again but they fixed this after S2 in an update I forget which.

Had the same problems these were the instructions in one of the dev updates and it worked for me.

This does NOT fix the issue for myself or for many other people that have posted about this on the UC forums (and at least two other forums I have seen). Even completing the S2 mural did not get the S1 Mural Artist to unlock (though Rivaled! both popped and unlocked normally).

Oh I must be confused with the S2 it was the S2 that wouldnt unlock for me for months.

Maybe @rukizzel can shed some light if there is a fix already or if they are looking into one.

I have the same issue.
Completed the Story mode for S1 and S2 a few days ago.
The Achivement for S2 did pop, but not the one for S1.

Please fix this, I want to set the Mural as Wallpaper :disappointed:

I also want the S1 Mural player card background. I have 100% both, but I only have the S2 background, but I need the one with Spinal :slight_smile:

Same here, something should pop up as reward for completing it, its what achievements are for…

I am having the same issue. I notice that the achievement is for 0G, and it has a little gift icon to the right, doesn’t that mean it is also marked as a Challenge? If so it was likely time based. On it is showing as an unachieveable Achievement (which kind of defeats the purpose). One of the guys on there is has bought a copy of the game on disc and is going to try to play it on a console disconnected from the internet and see if it pops that way. I have looked out over the past few days and he hasnt reported back if it worked. Anyway, I just hope they hurry up and fix it… very frustrating.

Hoping this applies to everyone that has had the Mural Artist issue (and not just me), but the 3.1.5 update finally unlocked the achievement! The mural unlock popped during the DLC check, near the very beginning. Looking at my achievements shows an unlock date of today (May 27th).

Did anyone else have the achievement finally unlock?

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Yes, me :grin:

Mural profile unlock during dlc check for 3.1.5 on PC, however I didn’t get the achievement till about a hour later of gameplay. Thanks for the fix!

yes, I got it as well but was very delayed. appeared on xbox after couple hours.