Multiple Announcers Being An Option (Possible S3 Addition)

Just something small that has been on my mind for a bit. Obviously there are 3 announcers for KI, Aria being my least favorite. Was thinking it would be kind of cool if they were to implement the other two announcers as a single commentary. What I mean by that is combining the “NEW” and “CLASSIC” announcers into one audio track so you don’t have to listen to the same one every time. I enjoy both and switch the announcers frequently. Just thought it would be a nice option to have both of them combined as an option. Even having options to combine Aria with the “NEW” announcer, etc. for those who like Aria as an announcer.

Add Shin Tristan as a possible future announcer.


Only if we get a “DEE-PEEAYUH!” every 4th time Thunder connects with Sammamish.

Maybe an announcer pack that randomizes the “new” and “classic” announcers?

Or maybe an announcer pack that allows me to select specific lines. Like the “classic” version of Shadow Counter, but the new version of Combo Breaker

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Cinder Announcer.

Jago Announ- Oh wait…Nevermind.

EDIT: For the people asking me about this post, Jago is voiced by Mike the Announcer. He does two things!

Fulgore announcer. Beep beep beep.

Orchid Announcer

I looove the idea of a new announcer. To be honest, I really miss the announcer from the first original build of KI (when only 3 characters were announced.) it was so over the top and bad ■■■! we’ll probably never see it return given the changes it got but im still happy with what we got. that being said, we need a better female announcer than aria. shes too quiet.

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I actually agree on this one, if only to compliment the amount of coverage Max has given the game. I agree a new female announcer would be a good addition. Not because Aria is “too quiet”, but to give something more “hype”. I did think of Hisako being a good announcer - to include the japanese community and having a difference in atmosphere as well - yelling “counterbreaker” in Japanese with her voice I think that could really work rather well.

The question is though, who else could we have for announcers.

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I’d honestly really like to hear an attempt at a female announcer. Not like a female character as announcer, just a female announcer. I was really interested in the idea when it was first brought up.
I also think it’d be cool to hear announcers in other languages, but I don’t really see that happening.

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Actually, you raise an interesting point. Up till now, the female announcer has been a character. Keep her as an option, but why not implement just a general female announcer who isn’t an in game character. I think you might be on to something.

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More announcers would be nice, I would like a female announcer and a option to have each match randomly pick which announcer you get would be nice, especially if you can toggle which ones it randomizes from so if you dislike one announcer it will never pick it.

I rather not see Max as an announcer though.

We need Bob Ross announcer! Happy Little Combos all day.