Multiple Accounts for Local Multiplayer

It drives me crazy that when I have friends around only one of our accounts can be used at a time and we can’t both level up our character ranks. Please fix!

Most of my friends are new to KI and when I try to play local games with them I want to use my accessories and styles to show them what they can work towards (plus use the matches to help level up myself), and at the same time I want them to have the ability to level up their own characters to see their progression and how close they are to unlocking things.

I know its a small thing, but I really think it would help motivate new players when being introduced to the game.


Wanted this since day 1 but anything that requires code to be reworked is a big nono it seems : (

Well at least they have acknowledge this concern, hopefully they will will one day rewrite the code to allow for this.

I would love to see this feature but it would appear MS is really pushing towards online co op play and deviating away from local. I believe this is why KI was created in this way to encourage online play and obviously increase sales.