Multiplayer problem

I play a multiplayer match online to gain daily bonuses almost every day, but the players log out during the game especially when they realize they are going to lose the match. The system doesn’t count these matches and I don’t get bonuses. This is pretty nonsense. I wish the moderators or admins whatsoever could solve this problem.

This has unfortunately been an issue for sometime now. I regularly run into crash matches, desyncs, and other craziness for the last several months. I firmly believe this is why our Top 32 has accumulated so many points. Ran into the guy 7 times in the last week and NOT ONE of his matches lasted but a few seconds. :confused:

It put me back on Probation… again!!!

Ranked is not a real happy place right now.

Yeah, I’ve been having issues in ranked with terribly quality matches. I’m pretty certain it’s not my connection, at the most it would stutter a bit and come back. Seems more than that, like I’m pairing with people way outside my general region.

I was also warned about probation, luckily I managed to find decent matches when I closed and reopened the game.

Same issue here

I just sneeze the wrong way and I’m on probation. :confused:

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Nah, that guy was just cheating with disconnects. He’s since been banned.

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Also, find it super weird that I’m playing from Singapore, but apparently am having more stable connections than you guys. I have to deal with lag now a lot, but the matches themselves are generally stable (i.e. don’t crash).

I figured as much, but the fact that his shenanigans put me back on probation really irked me.

Anyone else notice that one guy in ranked with 39074765 points or something… yeaaaaah, that’s not cool, man.



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Wizard has been banned. I think I played his Orchid once, and he wasn’t very good. To be honest, I’m getting annoyed and getting constantly put on probation due to network disconnects, when it isn’t even my network. In all the matches I played, it has only been my fault twice in the last two months. Once due to my router getting reset and the second was because my power went out.

As a Sadira main, I get rage quit on all the time, so constantly not get those points because somebody else cheated is unfair.

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