Multiplayer is totally DOWN for Steam/Win10 and slow for XBox

@KRAKENJIMMY, Multiplayer is completely unreachable for all PC users (Steam and Win10), getting an error trying to connect to matchmaking, where XBox can still make it past this step but it takes an unusually long time.

Timing-wise, we’ve noticed that this seemed to coincide with a Windows update.

Let us, the community, know if any more information would help you.


Thanks for the heads up! Confirmed this is known by our techs and is being worked on. Note this is not a bug with the game, just service interruption being worked on. I will update as soon as I hear it’s resolved!

*Update 10am 3/11/20: Team working on fix for this through last night. Some fixes rolled out but still seeing service issues. Team will continue to work on this, I will confirm when we see it’s 100%


Thanks for the updates. I’ll keep trying

Thanks for the updates and the much-appreciated efforts! Now Steam seems to be working for me and another person. Connecting to matchmaking is fast on console again too.

I am not able to get past DLC sync on Win10 though

Steam Version not able to play against xbox or win 10 store users. Not completely fixed.

We are still working on this, we are testing things and this info helps. I will report back when we officially think it’s done, until then please bear with us as the service fluctuates.

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Ok things should be back up and running. Please report here if you have any issues with multiplayer cross-play working, or anything else around multiplayer service not working. Please make sure to include what platform you were on and if possible a screenshot of the error (blur out any personal details you do not want to share).

I will keep an eye on this thread over the weekend and respond when I can.


We love you for your continuous support!


Win10 is working again for me! Thank you so much for allowing us to FIGHT ON!


Hey Jimmy!

Is it just me, or is Killer Instinct’s online multiplayer down on Xbox One? I’ve tried to find a match for the past few days (about 3 or so), but I’m not getting anyone. I’ve performed a hard reset on the console too, but I haven’t had any luck.

Thanks a ton, and have a nice one!



My friend and I may be having issues, I’m afraid.

We just tried playing some Private games, both via Custom Lobbies and Exhibition matches, and we were never able to join together.

We’re both playing on PC, the Windows 10 version. Each of us have passed the game’s Performance Test, and we checked our connections via Start Menu>Settings> Gaming>Xbox Networking, and our NATs are open and we’re both connected.

Whenever we would accept an invite from the other, it would try for several seconds, and then display the error message: “Couldn’t Start Multiplayer. Unable to start multiplayer match. Please try again.”

We attempted to recreate Lobby’s and such, and join, several times.

We have just been playing Mortal Kombat 11 (PC) for about an hour without issue. This is obviously over Steam, and it’s a completely different ecosystem, simply pointing that out to show that we can play together.

If there’s any more info you need, please let me know!


I was just in an online tournament that we had to postpone. About half the players weren’t able to play, so things are not back to normal for everyone

I’m still having issues finding anyone

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It appears to be dead again.

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I can’t find matches on win10 (ranked and exhibition) or steam (exhibition).

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There was a couple of big live service outages over the weekend during that time, we believe that is what happened. We have confirmed everything should be up and running again.


Thank you all for taking care of this, especially during these crazy times. I am able to get games in now! (… and relieve stress again!) #LongLiveKI #BlessTheHandsWhoMadeThisKIFood :smiley: