MU injustices (What's your mains hardest MU?)

I main Thunder; many of you know this already if you’ve ever come across me online. I have a love hate thing with this character, because everything I do with him has to be some kind of hard read in the realm of competitive play. He doesn’t have anything he can really abuse like most of the characters on the roster. That’s his weakness, & I’m fine with that; however, I’d like for his strengths to balance out with his weaknesses to some degree. Thunder’s play style is READ>CONFIRM>REPEAT. Against heavy zoning characters I find myself waiting my turn to play more often than not, & it sucks the fun out of the game. I feel like I often win purely based on the luck of confirming rather than the skills I’ve practiced so hard to obtain, because I spend 60 seconds out of 90 seconds chasing most of these crazy insane characters around the stage. I don’t mind playing the patient play style, but it comes a point where it’s just not fun after a while, because it literally happens with every match. Here’s how I’ve adapted to this though. “YOLO” I try to force my opposition into making stupid decisions, or conditioning them to play patient so that I won’t have to. In essence I’m going to sacrifice some health to do this, but it’s for the greater good of winning, & or being able to play the game the way I would personally like to; for the sake of having fun of course. It works sometimes, & sometimes it doesn’t. What’re the injustices in MUs for your main, & how do you deal with them?

I’m not sure. TJ has so many.


Hi, I’m tusk. I hate glacius, jago and hisako. Mira and her sister can get bent too. While I’m at it, ■■■■■ any zoning character. I like footsies, options and walks on the beach. Call me if you’re interested.


I main Raam and id say only Gargos is an injustice. A Gargos player can get a guaranteed perfect if he doesn’t ■■■■■ up the run away tactics or try to go in. Other than that every other match up is pretty fun. Punishing the tiny openings in the rush down character’s attacks is so satisfying and seeing zoners panic when you get in on them is just as fun.


As a Riptor Main, pretty much anyone who has some air mobility. Sadira, Rash, Mira, and Omen. I don’t have too hard a time versus zoners, since they’re pretty easy to stay on top of once you get in. You just have to remember what their options are on wake-up.

I main Fulgore…um I don’t think he has one

Well with my other main being Sabrewulf I would say Glacius for me

Hisako main. To hell with Riptor, even in S3 :slight_smile::thumbsup:

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As Raam main i gave up fighting gargos, kan-ra, and shago with it. On the second tier of dificulty, fulgore, jago and eyedoll are a pain, but at least it’s doable.

Sadira main…Hisako makes me sadface

You and I have talked about this before, but I gotta chime in and agree. If Gargos knows he can just avoid you and spam portal punch all match, then RAAM’s odds are 0%. Blocking portal punches just feeds Gargos meter, which he’ll undoubtedly use to put a minion out. By the time you kill the minion, he’s bringing another minion out. Emergence doesn’t even hit Gargos if he flies above you. RAAM has literally no options when Gargos quad jumps, and Gargos has plenty of options that keep him well out of RAAM’s reach.

It’s getting hard to imagine that getting good can fix the RAAM v Gargos matchup. The only solution I’m seeing is a back-pocket main that can give Gargos more trouble. Maybe Sadira.

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I’d say Hisako. If someone knows how to reset and flip out I fall apart. Trying to make reads or counter her just makes it impossible for me to react to.

Every character can give me a hard time since im not very good but I feel like Omen, Jago and Shago give me the hardest time out of the cast. (Spinal is my main)

I feel like she shouldn’t be able to parry Shadow counters. . it’s way too good. Basically makes her impossible to beat playing Thunder. Even if you get a hard read. . she bodies you. smh.

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As maya its thunder and jago

As mira thuder wulf jago shago

As wu jago

Perhaps this might be a little early, but I have a growing suspision that Eyedol can cause MU issues with Gargos.

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