Mu chart

@iDoMusic4Media asked me recently what I think Aganos worst mus are after 3.8. truth be told he only really has 3 at this point. I decided to do a whole chart just in case anyone wanted info on how to play a certain fight. Whether they’re playing as it against Aganos.

Jago 6-4
Orchid 6-4
Thunder 5.5-4.5 (3.8 may have made it worse for thunder)
Kan ra 6-4
Kim wu 6-4
Tusk 6-4
Arbiter 6-4
Gargos 6-4
Shin hisako 6-4
Eagle 6-4( this may be worse but it’s still early and may get better for eagle once his sc is fixed.)

Kilgore 4-6
Riptor 4-6
Aria 4-6

After that pretty much any other fight for him is even.


I thought Aganos beat Sadira?

Solid 5-5.

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I see you feel better about Hisako/Aganos than you used to. What changed your mind?

I never thought she beat him. Especially since they gave him a lowcrush so she cant just spam sweep.

Hm, apologies. I recall one of our earlier conversations this season being that you felt she beat him (if slightly) in S3.

Early on I was on sure. But to me the mu is 5-5 albeit annoying due to the nature of Hisako’s character. Aganos being able to deal out such large amounts of damage from near full screen and hisako having to watch what she goes for due to the low crush and armor beating any attempts on onryo resets if she tries to read a jump. One wrong read on aganos can lead to you losing anywhere from 40ish to 75% Just off one bar. So even if he gets knocked down he’s always got a chance to turn it around quick and can do fairly well to keep her out.

Cool beans. Yeah, I’ve always thought the fight was 5-5, though in early season 3 (before low crush stomp) I could agree that Sako’s momentum was really tough for him to stop.

Thx for posting @MnTLetalis. I think aggy may beat Glacius too maybe 5.5-4.5. He can negate close and mid distance hails with flicks or jumping flicks. If he makes multi-hails, we can either shoot medium rock, chunk up or place a wall. He really cant jump bc we can either med. rock or do a jumping natural disaster, do shadow ND. Aganos wins the full screen zone battle bc 2 out of 3 hails stop right before full screen. Aganos really only needs to watch for glays meter for shadow shatter and in-combo shadow shoulders. I think aganos can stop many of glays tools but glay can definitely make up for it in the damage dept if he gets an opportunity.

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No once glacius gets meter he has more options and he has alot of safe set play options against Aganos. Plus the buff to his st.hp gave him more help against Aganos.

How do you guys feel about Cinder-Aganos?

I’m pretty sure ex ruin is a punish to tailblazer if you get reversal timing, so that’s a plus. But cinders zoning is super good. Especially the full screen low thats safe, multi hitting, unreactable, and if it hits he gets a combo. Pyro bombs I think are reactable if geounded, but most cinder players jump and throw them and if they vary the timing you have to guess when they throw the pyro bomb, otherwise ex ruin whiffs.

Upclose he has a really good backdash, which pulverize can catch sure, but the cinder player can SC on reaction, so, it comes with risk.

Anything im missing? I get walk and block and whiff punish, but I feel as if I’m missing a tool.

Even. I’ve gone back and forth with any good cinder in that mu.

Keep a club in hand and you can limit alot of cinder’s zoning.