MS Official abroad support?

I was wondering if Microsoft gives official support for KI outside US.

After seeying a considerably numer of tourneys and encounters ran by the main FGC organisers in my country a friend and I asked why there’s no KI at all or even an attemp to have KI for the players to try it out. The organisers are fond of KI but their excuse is “MS doesn’t give us any support like other companies do”. I’m not sure if the setups or whatever are provided by MS in other places and I highly doubt the set ups they used are from the other companies as well. I really don’t know how this works but Gosh, it’s sad I live far to provide my own X1 and that I don’t have the best internet to stream and run a friendly online tourney just for the hype of KI.

I would like to do something about it but I couldn’t get it before in the official Xbox community after a guy took the KI community I was creating and let it die. And honestly I don’t want to get back to that community, they aren’t interested on fighters anyway. I figure that fgc players would look a playerbase in the local FGC fan page.

Heck I didn’t even know they gave support to locals within U.S. Majors maybe, but local tournaments was never supported by Microsoft, maybe? At least when I tried to set up an event of my own through my friends college eSports club, I didn’t have much support besides what we had provided.

If they did though, you guys along other countries would totally deserve a scene.

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I’m afraid the guys I talked to use that as an excuse…I don’t believe the set ups are provided by any big company (maybe Capcom during CPT only, but nothing else). But I do know they give them some “prizes” (SNK sent gifts and copies of their game).
During the Gears of War Ultimate tourney I travelled to the Capital and the prize was a percetnage of the pot and one year of Gold live. Better than nothing XD

If I was closer to them maybe I would provide the X1 (keep in mind the Sony scene is big here, and XBox not close enough, it’s a small market to sell the games though there is a community even the sonyers deny it).
I’m feeling like trying something anyway. I’ll see if I can gather a group of players in that argentine FGC community and move things a little more. At least to teach them how to play the basics XD (most of them play on pc, and are newer to the game).

Do it Maru! Sometimes, it’s one person that can make a difference. KI is better than SFV anyways.

SFV doesn’t have Werewolfs and Killer Death Robots, as well as huge, Rock-hard Golems and a Shadow Lord set to destroy the world. :smirk:


I will :smiley: and what you said is true. I will support KI and let people here know "I do play it! So if you want to play hit me’"
In order to stop them saying “Nobody plays this game” I’m tired of hearing that.
KI will always been my favourite fighthing saga :heart:
I’ll teach my nephews how yo play this game. And they’ll love it :3