Most broken cinder shadow?

I didn’t get a chance to record it cuz I was raging so hard someone’s cinder shadow was taught to simply only grab grab grab grab over and over which I can deal with BUT! It was somehow grabbing me mid combo!!! How the hell can you grab someone while your being combo’d. It was the most broken thing I have ever seen!!!

or, you kept dropping the combo, hence why they kept grabbing you.

Don’t get how it was broken. They’re mashing lights

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Maybe because Cinder is very positive and tend to make a move (eg medium traiblazer) and then “throw”. It’s totally annoying but it’s common between Cinder players. Keep your distance and attack from a safer distance or: after that shadow make an special move you can backdash to bait the grab and then punish it. Backdashing to “happy grabbers” it’s a way to punish. Or blocking and neutral jump to avoid it, but if they read they can antiair you (but not common in they are trying to grab all the time).
You are frustrated, just try to not let it get to you that much, it’s just a shadow, it’s worst when it’s a person.

I’ve been training my Cinder a lot lately to be really tough. I want my Cinder to be the highest rated on the shadow leaderboards, or at least be the first 1000 shadow point tier Cinder. Currently there are lots of Jago shadows that require 1000 shadow point wagers to fight, but no Cinders. I want to be the first 1000 point tier Cinder, so I go into ranked a lot and try to get recordings, while boosting my ranking and trying for that monthly pro star.

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