"Mortal Kombat Legends: Cage Match" Trailer

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Hold up, Gilbert Godfried??

Guess they were right all along, in Mortal Kombat nobody ever truly “dies”

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Yeah, I was just as surprised to hear his voice as well, especially in MK.
I have to say, I’m liking how this looks so far. Johnny Cage has always been one of my favorite fighters, so this seems like it could be pretty fun imo. How about you? Think it will be any good?

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Im hoping its a fun action flick.

Scorpion’s Revenge and Battle of the Realms were ok for what they are, but I feel they tried really hard in mashing several ideas into a single 90 minute film, which just makes everything feel rushed and underdeveloped imo.


(Scorpion’s revenge combining a typical MK1 retelling, when frankly it should’ve just been a singluar story about Scorpion’s journey to finding Sub Zero. Hanzo’s name is in the title of the film, yet it felt more like a complete afterthought. Imo)

(Then theres Battle of the Realms cramming in Mk2-3 AND 4 in the same movie, which felt pretty sloppy by the end of it. As fun as it was to see the Outworld Tournament, they could’ve handled it a lot better than what we got. Like it really felt they just wanted to get all the past tournaments out of the way. )

(Snowblind was actually really fun, minus the Kronika cop-out by the end, but before that it was a really solid story. Despite taking different liberties here and there, seeing Kenshi’s backstory in motion was really cool. It kept things focused instead of the last two. If they do more stories like this, I’m all for it.)

Gotta say, if Cage Match actually wins me over, this and Snowblind just might be my favorites of the four. I prefer them telling unique stories with characters, rather than rehashing the exact same story we’ve seen before thanks to games like MK9 and the original 1995 MK movie.

You and me both.

Indeed, although I think “Scorpion’s Revenge” was the better of the two imo.

Definitely this.

I agree with this as well. I actually had been hoping that it would have been more focused around Sub-Zero since the first animated film was about Scorpion’s journey. Granted, BOTR did tell Sub-Zero’s story, but there was just too much stuff crammed in. I can’t help wondering if it would have been better to have this as an animated series rather than as a whole 90 minute film.

I’m not opposed to either rehashing the same story or telling character stories, just so long as they’re done well. I wouldn’t mind a little more of the latter, though. The worst a movie could do is go down the lazy “Superman 3” route where it regurgitates everything the first movie did so well but just do it in a half-as sed way, if not make it substantially worse.

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Considering how much potential there could’ve been for a proper MK series, really does make me wonder why they couldn’t save the tournament arcs for something like that instead. A “Defenders of the Realms” but more faithful to the source material and with smarter writting.

True. I suppose my gripe with that fact was, again anticipating a solo Scorpion film, but then suddenly seeing the ENTRIE MK1 storyline taking its place. Hoping for one thing, but ending up with another. Which to me just showed wasted potential for that movie as a whole. Plus the MK1 retelling itself felt very hollow because of it.

And with Battle of the Realms, had it strictly stuck with MK2, then by having Lui Kang as the soul protagonist, maybe it could’ve been better paced. But again the Sub Zero situation was very minimal, so Im not really sure what was going on with those two films behind the scenes.

From what I’ve gathered from the official trailer Johnny Cage actually turns out to be a REALLY swell guy overall :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: :grin: