More work on Mizumi Han

I thought i’d do a bit more work on my Tessen Fan Wielder Mizumi Han and got some more things done with her, involving her theme revision, her character taunts for your KI Custom card, and did some brushing up. here’s what I got so far, even when doing her Shadow Lords Dialogue

Mizumi’s character Taunts:

  • My Fans welcome your attacks
  • The Guardian Shrine Maiden challenges you
  • You are unworthy of Wielding a Guardian
  • I Will Protect the keeper of the Dragon Guardian
  • I’ll show you a Guardian’s Dance

Mizumi Han’s Artwork will be done by @LittleHellXIII

Mizumi’s Shadow Lords Dialogue:

  • (Vs. Mimic versions of the new Nightguard assembled by Maya): I wont forgive your Imitation of a Noble warrior
  • (Vs. Kim Wu): “Kim Wu I’ve come to help you” then follows up with “I’ll prove to you my true strength”
  • (Vs. Omen): Begone Demon, you will plague this world no Longer
  • (Vs. Kan-Ra): If you expect me to trust you, then face me right here and now!
  • (Vs. Tusk): Seeing as to why Kim Wu has reached out to you for help, I will test your abilities

Mizumi Han Vs. Gargos:

  • Mizumi: Gargos…your Reign of Hell ends here
  • Gargos: -Laughs- do you Honestly believe you can defeat me, you are more foolish than you look Shrine maiden
  • Mizumi: Your Words mean nothing to me, I’ll show you the true power of the Guardian Shrine Maiden and End your life Permanently! Prepare yourself!

Mizumi Han’s Theme Ideas:

that’s all I have so Far, I look forward to seeing what her Artwork will look like. i’ll Update this topic when more stuff comes in

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