More Than Two Shadows Allowed?

It would be cool to create more than two shadows.


You have no idea how many people have requested this already.

How come this hasn’t happened yet, @developers?

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I’m new here, so I haven’t looked around much. But yeah, I’m saying this, because I got Sabrewulf and Orchid and just unlocked Jago via the Shadow Lords Mode.

Yeah, I think Geek was just backing up your request. I doubt it was intended scornfully at all.

I have some characters in the works in the lab who I’d like to get into the Shadow Lab, but I’m reluctant to give up my Jago or Riptor shadow for the privilege.

I’ve been asking for more shadow slots for idk how long

I know.

Maybe because is it a dying mode. It serves no real purpose towards anything so… They should overhaul it to link in with Shadow lords or something… give it unlockables to achieve etc

I like it, since I can play with an opponent of my skill level, plus it’s interesting how it copies you perfectly. :smiley: