More female characters/other female beings?

Any news for any more female characters of different races such as alien, monster, dolphin and etc? I just wonder sometimes.

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Well we have Orchid,Sadira,Maya,Riptor,Hisako,Aria,Kim Wu,Mira, and Shin Hisako. 10/29 is pretty good. More characters in general would be nice though.


More would be nice!


I would like to see Riptora with a big Badu\wig or even a Perm.
Nails done nice, with a Gucci purse, and hi heels.

IIRC, the “fake leak” fish character was suppose to be female, would have been cool.

Fun fact: During season 1, some people (for some reason) thought that the fulgore unit in this game was going to be female.


Which was when we got ARIA at the VERY end of Season 2

There’s an unspoken rule of 1/3rd of the cast is female and that tends to be a rule in a lot of fighting games so the next character will probably be male.