More brothers up here in KI please!

TJ is the only black guy in this game!

Tusk is the only white guy.
Your point?

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I’m still interested in that Beautiful “African-American” Female character that was on that DH poll. Those slurs though… chill lol

Please stop with the blatant racism…

@VaccinalThyme84 just earned a one year ban. Absolutely no tolerance for this.


So a guy asks why there is only one black guy and its “blatant racism” worthy of a one year ban???


No, the mods removed the posts with the blatant racism in. And he’s already crossed the line many other times over the course of 24 hours.


I share your concern. I really don’t think he was trying to be racist especially considering that fact that he himself is of African decent. I do think that he could have phrased his statement a little better; but to me, it seemed more like an observation/request for the inclusion of more ethnically diverse characters, specifically of African descent. He definitely could’ve addressed his concerns more eloquently, but I know that he is avid KI fan and did not purposely try to be inflammatory or offensive.

I personally think that KI already does a great job at inclusion. We not only have an ethnically diverse cast, we even have several non-human species represented as well. I love this game and forum with all of my heart; however, I think that it is very disconcerting to think that your racial identification can be misconstrued as a racial slur.

@anon39655210, I read through his previous posts and I did not see where he’s been testing the waters with the mods, especially in the same way that some other users here routinely do. I just feel like a more appropriate way of handling this situation was to inform him that this is not an appropriate post for our forums and closing the thread. Even if banning him was necessary, a slap on the wrist (3 days) would have driven the point home… but a whole year for making a somewhat touchy observation is really extreme in my opinion. His statement was not a racial slur in the slightest. Anyway, these are just my thoughts on the subject. I enjoy the forums and have enough common sense to conduct my own actions in an appropriate manner. I always try to maintain a respectful tone and at least try to understand the concerns of others, even when I don’t necessarily agree with them.

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When a post has been deleted it isn’t visible anywhere without being a mod.

I can see the deleted posts, which were full of racial slurs, and there was absolutely no question about needing to take action about it.

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Thank you for shedding more light onto the situation. I was not aware of his deleted posts, and I absolutely agree with you in this case. Thank you for maintaining a safe environment for us and allowing us to express our opinions while being fair when certain members cross the line.

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You’re right.

Ah btw, congratulations for your promotion. Weren’t you a regular few days ago?

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That’s correct; yesterday was the first day for both myself and @FinchoMatic.

Thanks for the kind words!


Since everyone can’t see the posts that got @VaccinalThyme84 banned, just imagine a spew of toxic racial epithets.

We won’t just flag those kinds of posts - they’re deleted.

I’m going to close this thread now, but know that racial slurs are an immediate, permanent ban from the forums. No exceptions.