More beta guest characters incoming?

Does anyone else think we’ll be getting more guest character beta’s like the one for Rash, since March is a long time away and character beta’s keep the hype momentum going.

Why guest characters IG said there would be multiple guest characters also putting in guest characters instead or original/returning characters for beta testing wouldn’t spoil the story, since they will most likely have no impact and leave no clues for what the season 3 story will be.


Maybe! But first Shadow Jago, I think Next guest should get beta for one month. I hope next guest is Arbiter…

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Arbiter or Joanna Dark were beta’s in a month or 2.

Joanna Dark is amazing for KI season 3 but… I really really really want Arbiter join KI season 3!

Yep the Arbiter is probably my top pick for a guest too.

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I don’t know if we’ll get to beta test any more characters, I think Rash was unique as a cross promotion with Rare Replay and to help fill the void between the end of season 2 and Shago’s release.

You want Arbiter for KI season 3?

You’re awesome.


Even outside if guests, I think it’d be freakin’ rad to have beta characters before the Season3 launch.
We get access to characters, and beta testing is always a good thing. Seeing how a character fits in balance-wise is incredibly important.

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I expect we’ll be seeing Shadow Jago stuff long before another character beta from S3 - either way I’m just happy to be getting more stuff for my favorite fighter.

Maybe for Kim Wu since she’s already been confirmed but I don’t think IG would want to ruin too many surprises.

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Very likely so, yes

Yeah, I doubt we’ll be given new characters to test. Example: Hisako, Aganos, Kan-Ra, ARIA.

The other guest or Kim Wu seem more likely. I hope we get Shago soon.

I’m hoping we get to test another character soon. We all do.


Hope, yes. Think… Therefore I am.

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I actually hope not. I’m hoping the game ships with at least four characters playable, I understand they couldn’t do it for Season 2 since they were pressed for time, but they should have plenty now.

I am happily watching street fighter V characters being revealed, though :wink: same release month too?

I am convinced we will see something else released as a test before S3 drops. I don’t think it will be something every month, but it makes perfect sense to keep the interest level up and they have shown with Rash that they have the technology to drop in and pull out a beta character. I don’t know if it will be guests or regular characters, but I would be very surprised if Rash was the only thing we got to preview for S3. Even S2 they dropped TJ a month early into S1.

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