More AI options?

Can we maybe get more AI options? Cause I cant find anyone in matchmaking and I’m relatively new so I’m like “okay, gotta play against the AI”.

The problem I’m running into is if I play against beginner, they’re brain dead. They’ll hop around, they’ll walk backwards, they’ll stay and crouch for seconds on end…but play against veteran and they don’t mess around: they shadow counter like crazy, they throw tech, got combos for days, block large amount of mixups etc

Granted people that have been playing the game for months would find them easy but as someone that’s admittedly crap at fighting games, it’s like “fight moron AI, or fight something out of your league”

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I would recommend playing Shadow Lab mode, and fighting Shadows either through the Challenge function or Shadow Survival.

Since the Shadows are based off of other players’ gameplay, you’ll get something which resembles a living player. It’s more interesting than the Beginner AIs, but also more prone to mistakes than the higher difficulties, simply because it has a tendency to mimic what the player did while training it.