Morbius the demon hunter

Hi everyone
So a while ago people started talking about a Vampire character on the KI fans facebook group and I asked to myself “If we’re going to have a Vampire we might as well get a Demon Hunter.” Someone that can hunt this vampire and other creatures/beasts.
So, my idea is based on characters like Simon or Gabriel Belmont from Castlevania

Name: Morbius

Story: Abandoned while he was still a newborn and found by the leader of an holy order, the blind boy named Morbius, grew up mastering the arts of the order to hunt the beasts that scattered the earth (Riptor, Sabrewulf, Vampire character if there’s going to be one) . When he was 23 yrs old Morbius had a vision that a great evil would come (Omen and Gargos) and destroy the world.
The order leader told the warrior that this is what he had been training for, but he would need help. So, his master sent him to the himalaias to find a powerful monk warrior that he heard of.
Armed with his weapons and the will of his God, Morbius leaves the order on a quest that would decide this world’s fate.
Note: His parents might have a connection with Gargos and the order, hence why they abandonned him there and the vision he had.

Special moves
Heaven’s Wrath (recapture maybe? )
Morbius catches his opponent mid air using his whip and slams him into the ground ( lands with his feet on his opponents back when used as an ender)
This move would be slow and to be used with caution

God’s eyes: (counter move)
Opponents freeze with fear when they look in Morbius eyes (Eyes glow blue? )

Repent: Morbius throws an heavinly cross (or whatever the symbol of his order might be)
lp - slowly goes forward , mp - forward but faster, hp-diagonal

God’s vengeance: Morbius continuosly whips his enemies

Instinct - Heaven’s strenght (double damage)

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Um, we already got Maya - she’s a monster hunter. :wink:

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double damage is simply too potent. Wulf used to have a 20% increase and the developers knocked it down to 10%, so if that was too much than I think a 100% increase might be a bit nutty.

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I came up with the instinct while I was posting this. I only had his story and special moves so far.
I said double damage because I thought that he wouldn’t be a powerful character (might not have completed his training at the order, maybe? ) . But instinct can be changed.
I’m looking for somebody to draw a sketch of the character

Well, then you’ll have to start emptying your pockets, because it’s unlikely you’re going to get a decent drawing unless its done on commission by a really good artist.

Reminds me of Dante from Dantes Inferno…that was my idea for a guest character. His psyche and cross weapons would be awesome Absolve and Punish magic too!

I actually made my own sketch, but felt too boring so I scratched dat.
Anyway, not gonna bother since no one seemed to care about the character