Monthly roster releases gone

so 8 characters announced and 4 of them playable at launch. It goes without saying the monthly reveals and releases are clearly a thing of the past. now having said that I would like to know what you guys think the devs will be up too during the slower dev time. the 3 stages are finished and all that really leaves is the story mode.

the lighting engine is done so that’s not it. the only other thing I can think of is quality of the next 4 characters.

that’s a lot of down time compared to the breakneck dev cycle of season 2.

so I guess what I’m saying is, 4 characters, balance changes and bug fixes?

about mid way through we should start up that ultimate kick starter. y’all feel me?

Stages for everyone kickstarter.


I think they’re going to release the 4 characters before the end of 2016, hence November - December might be the appearance of the last one.

Probably they thought Season 3 as an experiment field that would end in 2016. If the reaction is good, they’re going without a doubt to implement another season with 8 more characters, implementing a good roster.

It depends on this year. Everything depends on how this game is going on PC.

it’s already getting pretty cramped with 26 possible fighters. learning combo breakers for all 26 characters for a newcomer is a daunting task. remember the larger the roster the more things have to be tweaked and tuned to adhere to the vision of KI

Unless I missed it, they never said they were not doing a character per month after March. All we know now is that it will launch will 4 characters.

They are obviously still holding out on information to announce. I’m sure once we know everything in S3, probably a new mode, then they will talk pricing and future plans.

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Fak me. I meant 6 character, to reach 32 in total just to stay at the path of SFV. Season 4 will implement less characters, but would give more stuff.

But I repeat, it depends on how this season goes.

if they stick to 1 character a month SE3 will only last till July. you honestly think that SE3 will be over that quick?

Probably the remaining 4 characters will be released like this:

  1. Before EVO, probably mid may
  2. Just after EVO
  3. During Halloween (Vampirecption)
  4. End November - Mid December, perhaps during the Kombo Klash?
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Seems like this season they’ll take their time and release characters once they’re ready. Keits tweeted swordsman at least saying EVO isn’t the benchmark date.

I’m fine with the characters taking more than a month if they are polished and ready.

They’re definitely up to something.
Three stages + four characters at launch - I wonder what it is they’re working on that’s taking up so much time, plus what will the bonus be for the Ultra edition ???
New costumes/accessories for all, Ultimates, new stage ultras, a cinematic story mode, new game modes???

ya, so 4 more playables and story mode. then bug fixes and tuning as they go. let’s not forget music scores too, but has less impact on the game.

I can only assume that’s one kick ■■■ story mode then.

new modes? absolutely! I’m not really affluent with other FG’s modes. can anyone me what it’s missing besides story?

Personally I’ve always wanted KI to have a tournament lobby in online. DOA5 has one where ut just creates the bracket and you play until there is a champ.

Online practice would be nice as well to teach new players rather than having to do it in exhibition.

Other than that I couldn’t think of much else. Maybe tag team if they could make it fun.