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Related: I started out wielding the Hammer because it had the highest “attack value” of anything. While I like the hit/run style it provides and the blunt force knockdown power is nice, I’ve found I’m actually having more fun with the Greatsword weapon class. I’ve been got a 3rd level Bone Greatsword that hits like a runaway aircraft carrier. Sure you can’t hardly move when you’ve got it out or are preparing to swing but I love that it behaves exactly how a giant sword should in the hands of anyone smaller than Tusk. Can’t wait to see what happens when I get a version that uses Anjanath (Trex) or Rathlos (Wyvern) parts!


I posted while riding the DC metro. So the internet signal goes on and off. Probably it posted but lost the connection before it confirmed and then posted it again.

On-topic, we had a random player join our game in response to an SOS flare last night. At least this gives me some hope that Capcom will get this working at some point. If you aren’t familiar with the structure of the game, you are fine to the play solo or with a friend for the first hundred hours or so. But as you get into the endgame stuff youbstart to really want a team of four, high level, well prepared guys. It’s tough to do that if the matchmaking isn’t functional.


Quoted for truth.


Is there a lock on, where you can lock on a specific beast you are wanting to attack?


There is, but it’s much more finicky than what I’m used to in Dark Souls. Though it’s really only an issue when trying to fight a pack of small monsters like Jagras or Kestadon. There’s very little guarantee that it’ll lock on to the one you want to attack, and switching targets runs into the same issue.
However it works fine if you’re locked on to a single boss monster. The camera just runs into the standard issues of trying to track a very big thing that tends to move quickly.

But I had an awesome thing happen last night. I was attempting to hunt an Anjanath even though I don’t have the equipment needed to be able to kill it yet. Failed several times as you’d expect. But my favorite moment was when I started the fight, and a god damn dragon swooped down and picked a fight with him. So I was tag teaming a Rex with a Rathlos, and the Rex got chased into a cave… where a Rathien was waiting for him. So I went to do more tag team goodness, but then the Rathlos followed us back into the cave. Since there were 2 dragons teamed up against this rex, it became a total fuster cluck. I went to a nearby camp and switched to my bow to take some potshots but again, I didn’t do much damage with my gear so he eventually left the area. Plus it didn’t help that he seemed to be resistant to the dragons attacks.
Still it was rather badass.


Wow! That was epic! Sort of reminds me of the last time I fought Bass in Ranked. It was hopeless from the get go, but I at least put up a good fight.


I was on my 3rd try to kill the T-rex monster (Anthalos?) and got him to limp away (but had no potions left myself) already when he ended up in the rathians nest and she killed him for me, kind of an anticlimax in the best possible way :sunglasses:


The monster interactions are infinitely superior in this game to previous games. Last night we were hunting a Kulu Ya Ku (the raptor-like white monster who picks up the stone) in the wildspire waste to help my seven year old nephew. Three of us (me my brother and my 15 year old nephew) were stupidly over geared for this so my brother decided to kill the Barroth we bumped into. Then the KYK was running from us and took us passed a Rathian which chased us all. We ended up switching targets to kill the Rathian first and then we bumped into my brother and the Barroth. The Rathian decided she didn’t like the Barroth and lit into him for like five minutes. Tail flips, slams, fire breath. Eventually we killed them both but it was absolutely spontaneous joyful awesome fun the whole time and just demonstrates to me that this is the best game in a series that I love.

[quote=“Draigh, post:27, topic:23792”]
I was on my 3rd try to kill the T-rex monster (Anthalos?)
[/quote] Anjanath. And yes I know I am an insufferable nerd.


Matchmaking and SOS flares appear to be working!


I tested SOS flares today on the mission with Zoro Magdoros (Lavazilla Elder Dragon) in the #NotTheGrandCanyon, where they showed up just in time before his ugly friend showed up. I’m thinking of getting into the multiplayer aspect more, but at the same time I’m worried about being bad in a co-op setting because then it’s less fun for my team mates.

On the bright side I have been continuing with the story and finally managed to kill that Ajanath. :smiley: Though now I need to go toe to toe with another one so I can get the parts I need for the Flammenzahn (A fiery Greatsword made from a Trex jaw. If your inner child doesn’t just gush over respect you and won’t think any less of you. That was anticlimactic .)

Unfortunately being a few days behind the rest of the world means no matter how valiantly I press on I’m still lagging behind a bit. Like how I only attempted my first capture today. It took me 5 tries because I just deal way too much damage for Great Jagras to survive me now.


I would love to have actually TIME to try this game. Seems pretty good.


The only unforgivable sin in MH co-op is fainting constantly. If you faint twice you need to bench yourself back at camp. But most hunters are pretty forgiving and willing to help lower rank players out. This isn’t CoD where you have a ton of angry kids yelling at you for wrecking the team game or whatever. It’s all PvE, and the grindy nature of the game attracts people who really just like to play. It’s pretty normal to see two or three badasses helping some kid take down his first Rathian or whatever. Unless you are signing up for power groups to do endgame speed runs you aren’t going to hurt the team unless you fail the quest.

I’m not sure if you are on my friends list. Send me an invite (BigBadAndy is my gamertag) and then if you are on feel free to join our room. I play a lot with my brother and my nephews - two 15 year olds and a 7 year old. If we can play with a 7 year old and still have fun I’m sure we can put up with you, lol. Multiplayer is exponentially more fun than the single player. You get help, people get to watch the cool stuff you do, and then you all get to celebrate together. Plus it opens up whole new strategies for the game. For example, the paralysis weapons are a pretty poor choice for single player. They aren’t as directly powerful as other weapons, and then when the monster is paralyzed (usually once or twice per match) you only have a single, underpowered weapon taking advantage of his state. But in a group of 4? If someone paralyzes the monster it’s like a frenzy of unbelievable damage with 4 guys landing their best attacks on the monster all at once.

As far as the capture quests, it’s pretty common for beginners to overshoot and kill the target, and it sometimes still happens to experienced players. The thing to remember is that because of MH’s gear leveling system you can easily just pick up a weaker weapon if you are experiencing overkill on a capture quest. Keep your best armor, eat a meal for defense not offense and then just chip him down. You will find as you get more experience with the game too you will develop a better sense for the timing of weakening the monsters.

There’s no question that it is a time suck. Without a doubt this series has eaten the most time from my life of any video game, and you definitely want to spend some time with it the first couple of times you play because there is a lot to learn. Having said that, once you are reasonably proficient it’s an easy game to jump into, play for 20 minutes and then leave. With your head for analysis and fighting game strategy I suspect you would have a good time with it. If you ever take the plunge let me know and I will give you the guided tour.


When is ryu available


So I know a lot of people have probably already done this but I just moved into the upgraded Private Living Quarters and by Thor’s fiery beard I vow to make enough money and either get good enough or know someone who is good enough to make this my room some day.
It’s so ■■■■■■■ pretty I love it

Edit: I’ve also decided that the multiplayer in this game is absolutely awesome. Captured a Rathian tonight and it was friggin cool.
I knew I was going to have a tough time with the quest (but damnit I wanted to be able to grow parashrooms at home) so I threw up an SOS Flare as soon as I left camp. Tracked her down and initiated combat. It took a while for anyone to show up but in comes a guy with bagpipes and probably a kilt, a commando with a big LMG, and a third guy I’m pretty sure was a samurai. Complete with me and my Flaming Trex Greatsword and it was one Hell of a party.

Samurai Jack and GI Joe kept the beast busy, while the Plaid Crusader started laying down the sweet melodies of the Loch and I just ran in and started taking pieces off. Cut off her tail and even mamaged to mount her before she flew back to the nest to try and lick her wounds, where I trapped and tranq’d her. Everyone can a cool paycheck and plenty of parts for an armor that made me look a bit Smough from Dark Souls.

So I’m definitely taking up @BigBadAndy 's offer to party up


Room Upgrade number one with the aquarium or room upgrade number two with the harpists?


There’s a second one?!



This is like a MH staple. It has zero affect on gameplay and no practical meaning. But as you advance through the game they upgrade your living space until you are like the king of apartments.


Game of the Year Confirmed

Seriously though I love stuff like that. Can’t tell you how many hours I spent building myself houses in Skyrim. The little stuff that doesn’t really do anything but makes you feel special? I’m a sucker for that.

Having a place where your character just lives and does stuff, or having an ecosystem where the different AI interact with eachother and it’s not just “A bunch of things to hunt down the player on sight” really helps it feel like a living breathing world.


Ok, so I’m sure by now that most of you know that this game is pretty good. One thing I’m not a fan of though is the weapon trees. I feel like it’s more work now to have a bunch of different weapons than before, and they don’t even look as nice anymore. It’s even more so if you wanted to get different kinds of weqpons so hopefully you didn’t plan on playing multiple weapons.


Obviously your preference is a real thing, so I wouldn’t argue against it. But I’m not sure I follow this. Because so many of the weapons now stem from the same root I can see why it might be harder or more aggravating to build them all (although collecting the materials for the lower level weapons to start a new progression through the tree isn’t all that hard). But this actually encourages you to use more weapon types.

For example, I have taken my starter greatsword and advanced it until I have the poison blade III. If I want to go back and make a fire weapon, I will go back to a different weapon type and start working that along the tree to get a fire weapon.