Monsieur the Tutor!

I hope I spelled that right

Anyway, I figured since many people in the past have asked me to teach them how to get better, either fighting Sadira, or playing as her, I’d try advertising myself!

So, hi!

I am a veteran Sadira player and am one of the most knowledgeable Sadira players out there! Even hosting streams dedicated to talking about footsies and spacing, as well as dissecting gameplay from the mirror match of me vs Maciaga, to a ton of Sadira players including KDD, AJ, and Maciaga himself. Since most of us can have a hard time figuring out what the next step should be, and it’s always hard to ask pro players, id be the one who serves the people.

If you want to take your gameplay to the next level hit me up and we’ll work out a time!

GT: Monsieur Derp


whats your steam channel? id like to go through some of your old footage if you got any regarding sadie tech, i could use a refresh. been seeing success lately trying to “jump with a purpose” and wreaking havoc with mix ups. thanks!

My channel is the same as my GT. I’m not sure if I have any recordings there though.

I used to do cool talks about footsies, option selects, and handling neutral. As well as how to use WB properly/ effectively punishing WB.

If you wanted to talk about any subject in always down to schedule a time over XBL or Skype

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I’d like to give my Jago a workout against your Sadira if you wouldn’t mind. I know this is a Sadie thread but I could use some practice with the matchup.

Yah sure send me a message over XBL and we’ll work out a time.