Monitor lag?

So, I need some feedback on this one. How big of a deal is monitor lag and do I NEED to buy a special fancy schmancy monitor to replace my TV? People insist heavily on having the highest grade material which isn’t easily accesible to someone of my financial stature. I have been told that buying a fightstick is necessary. I disagree but i think that sticks are awesome and I own one. People have said that using a Wi-Fi connection is a big no no. I did hook up my X1 to a cable connection and I have noticed a difference. Now people are telling me to buy an expensive monitor to play my games on, Is this one really necessary? Does my HD TV really put me at a disadvantage? I made it to killer without a hassle. I just want feed back and I hope this didn’t come off as whiney.

Only thing on that list I would say is important is using a wired connection.
Having no monitor lag is great and all, but if you’re doing fine with your current TV then I wouldn’t worry about it. If your TV has a high refresh rate then it’s probably fine anyways.

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Monitor/TV delay is a HUUUGE factor in any fighting game. You wanna keep the latency as small as possible. Most TVs have some kind of game mode that reduces input delay but your best option is to go for a special gaming monitor.

I also use a TV but I use one with very little input delay.

Brands for good gaming monitors are e.g. Asus, BenQ and Iiyama

But if you are unwilling or can’t afford to buy a new monitor just to play fighting games, it’s not the end of the world, is my point.

Look for your tv on here.

If it’s got a good raiting then you should be fine. My TV has the same delay as a BenQ monitor so I have zero reason to get a monitor.

I can’t find my TV. It must be too old, but it still seems okay. It was supposedly a very good TV when it came out (2007), but the website doesn’t list it any more.

Fightsticks are def not necessary there are plenty of pro’s who play on pad even though they could easily use a fightstick if they wanted. Display lag is a thing but it comes down to how much you really care about it. I play on PC so I have a nice gaming monitor at home with very low latency, when I go to my brothers house and I play on his HDTV with him I def notice a difference in my input response, I’m often slow on breaking combo’s as a result. That said I get over it, adjust and still have a good time. If you want to go play in offline tournaments and what not it’s probably worth it to get yourself a nice gaming monitor to practice on, but if not there’s certainly better things to spend your money on if money is tight.

It should be noted that input lag from display latency is different than connection latency. Especially with GGPO your connection latency if it’s poor won’t cause input delay so much as frequent rollbacks. The beauty of GGPO is it’s designed in such a way not to delay your inputs.

Display lag directly correlates to the time you push a button on your controller to when the input is recognized on screen.

Thank you everyone for the feedback. I don’t really notice any lag in between my button presses and my character’s actions, so I think I should be fine. For right now, I don’t see myself going to local tournaments, but that is a possibility I would like to explore.

Na you don’t need a fightstick. Circa Nicky and UA Bass (Top KI players) both competed in KI at EVO this weekend what looked like standard XB1 pads, so I would not worry about that unless you just prefer the stick for w.e reason.

As for the tv thing I don’t know as I have been looking to invest in one myself

And wired connection is definitely something I would say you should be doing when playing online.

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I use a TV from 2008, it really isn’t an issue unless you want to be playing for a living and even then it seems like too much.
Fightstick or pad generally comes down to comfort. While I did play in arcades, I had a home console versus 1 arcade with just Tekken Tag growing up, I grew up playing on pad and it seems more comfortable to me.

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Tvs can add 3-8 frames of delay. When you stack an extra 8 frames of connection lag, you are looking at about 14-16 frames of delay between what you THINK is happening, and what is actually happening. That affects shadow breaking, whiff punishing normals, breaking autos and linkers on the last hit, reacting to teleports, and confirming from jabs.

Going from a TV to a <1ms delay monitor is game-changing at high levels of gameplay. If you are striving to compete at tournaments, its 100% necessary. If you arent, then it depends on your financial situation.

If you go big screen (55"), my tv is one of the best in terms of low display lag. I payed it a lot at the time but now you should be able to find it much cheaper. Sony bravia KDL-55W802A

it has 17ms latency, which is extremely low for a 55" screen.

Asus monitors are like 150 ish

I use the official evo monitor

For me getting a monitor made me better at every game i own

Less screen for your eyes to travel better accuracy for shooters and fifa

Been a change for ki and sfv