Mistakes you don't want to make

Hi there!

I would like to open that topic after watching this video from Maximilian Dood.
He was making the same mistake several times.

What was his mistake? Trying to special grab (Prophet Bane) after a corner Truth Seeker ender > Grenade > flip out LK (> Prophet Bane).
You can’t do that, otherwise the Grenade will blow up in your face.

flip out LP/LK > Prophet Bane
1 shot Carabine > Prophet Bane

So, if you have seen or if you know Arbiters’ recurring mistakes, and know the solution (even better), post it here so we can improve all together by stoping those stupid mistakes :smiley:

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Wait… so he was ending combos with Truth Seeker, tacking on the grenade and then doing flip out into Prophet’s Bane?

I do that all the time for resets. Grenade doesn’t affect you if you’re in the middle of an animation, like a throw or command throw.

Unless, I’m misunderstanding…

Edit: Okay, after watching a little bit of the video, did you mean the grenade was exploding in air and catching both? In that case, I’ve found doing the flip out kick low to the ground causes enough of a delay to have the grenade go off high in the air right after Arbiter throws them up and away, so that they’re above where it’ll affect Arbiter. Downside is, they can still jump out of the link from LK xx Prophet’s Bane. But if you read that and block, they get recaptured free anyway.

Yes that is what I mean.
There is an exemple from 8:19 to 8:28.

Yes absolutely :slight_smile: That’s why we have mix ups, so we can try some other offensive strategies to prevent from that :slight_smile:

Thank you for your solution!

You’re welcome!

Yep, doing the flip out LK late will use up more of the grenade’s countdown so they explode safely above you.

You can also fool around with doing the flip out LK early and higher off the ground to mess up their efforts to jump out of it.