Mission Names in Shadow Lords

Okay so this has been a real bugbear for me, and I think I’ve seen @SonicDolphin117 mention it as well.
In the Beta, every mission had a unique title that clued you in at a glance to what you were dealing with. It was really nice for certain recurring quests, as well as looking for certain kinds of missions that lead to rewards and situations you want. Now there’s only the name of the continent, and it (like the update to the forums that hides the Top3 topics of categories that used to be shown) is royally inconvenient.
Plus, seeing the different titles of missions and the kinds of issues the world is having really spruced up the mode’s personality. It wasn’t just “Go Help North America, we’ll send you the details”, it was “Civilians Under Attack!” Or “A Deal with the Devil”.
There’s even still room to spare in the mission title card for the mission’s name!

If we could see a return of the mission titles, it’d be a nice boost to usability and personality.


I suspect it was an intentional change that makes it harder to game the system. I know before there were missions I would always take with a certain character because I always knew they would get best results.

For example: I remember always gunning for the malfunctioning Fulgore mission and send a Fulgore there to make the fight easy and reduce corruption by a large amount.
Results that good should kind of be a surprise.

You can still read the mission description and get the same results. It’s just more time consuming and less convenient. In a mode based so heavily on menus, you want to be able to display information as efficiently as possible.
It’s like web design: The more clicks it takes to get what you want, and the more reading you have to do to get the information you need, the more turned off the customer is going to be. Making it easier to know what you’re dealing with is a quality of life buff that has nothing but benefits, especially since all the information that you’d need to “game the system” (or rather, having a good run) is still there. It’s just more annoying to get to.

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I completely agree with this. Maybe it’s just a visual thing, but I find Shadow Lords more boring now than the beta, and I think this mission name thing has something to do with it. This change makes the mode feel more repetitive and same-y, despite the fact that it has more content than in the beta.

I’d appreciate if this was changed back.

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There are title names for missions, but they’re mainly for specific quests now instead of normal ones. One of the Cinder specific missions, for example, was called “Fire-Breathing” where ARIA wanted me to capture Kim Wu.

I also think that they wanted the country as the title in case some people didn’t actually know where that mission was even though they could just look at the planet.

Yeah certain quest lines still have their names, like Cult of Gargos and the character specific ones. But 80% of the missions I see are just the same location name as everything else, including some that start new quests (like the Hatchery quest).

And the corruption meter already highlights the country you are currently hovering over, so we already have an indicator for that.

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