"Missing Text" on Post fight stats

Please redirect me if this has been asked but after every fight on the PC version, on the post match stats all I see on the titles on top of the numbers is “Missing Text”. Is there anything I can do other than reinstalling. I’m from Australia and I literally spent almost 24 hours downloading this, I really don’t want to install it again ^^"

Weird. You should repost this in the “game suggestion” section. That is where all the glitchy stuff goes to be reported.

Oh right I’m sorry. I’ll do that now

I would recommend posting about this issue in the following thread, rather than making another new one about it - I think the devs are pretty good about reviewing the posts there.

I noticed this on the streams whenever they played the PC version.

I encountered this too.

It seems to happen only after you move your profile over to your PC.

I did not have the issue before, but after syncing to my PC, i did.