MIssing KI Gold for Killer Instinct PC version

I purchased Killer Instinct on Windows 10 because I do not have the money to afford an Xbox One at the moment. I have been pretty satisfied with my purchase for the most part. I decided to finally buy the Ultimate Shadow Jago pack and an additional 1500 KI gold because I wanted to get enough coins to buy another Killer Pack in Shadow Lords. I got Shadow Jago, but I did NOT get the 3000 KI gold I paid for. I talked to Microsoft customer service which sent me to this site (which I probably should have gone to in the first place since I have been to this forum before. @rukizzel or @TempusChaoti, is there any chance that I am able to recover these coins?

When you attempted to purchase the gold did you receive an error 0x80190190? Because I’m having the exact same issue and I also contact Microsoft about it, and they pointed me here. They claim that it’s the developer’s problem, which I highly doubt at this point, and there is no way of contacting them, so I would suggest to continue to get on Microsoft until we get a resolution.

EDIT: And after uninstalling and reinstalling the problem still hasn’t been solved.

That would be the error code, yes.

I had the exact same problem you did earlier this week. I suggest getting in touch with one of the moderators about the situation.

I have mentioned both @rukizzel and @TempusChaoti, in this post, and I have yet to get a response (though I did edit my post afterwards to better get their attention). Is there any other way to get a response from them? I am concidering sending a message to them on Twitter as a viable option.

Hi guys,

i have exact the same Problem, after purchasing the Supreme Package a while ago, i purchased the last missing character today (Shadow Jago)

After i clicked “Buy” i get the Error Message 0x80190190 and i tried again, same… Then i left the game and started it again and i could see that i have bought Shadow Jago. And after a few mins i got the purchase confirmation from Microsoft, but the only thing i didn’t recieved were the KI-Gold, that’s still missing, is there any help/solution for that problem ?


Dennis aka TheRealMofu

I also lost some KI gold when i logged on. Been saving it if i started to main a new character. Anyway to get it back?

Not sure how much it will help, but I’ve been through this whole song and dance before. Here’s the thread and the eventual conclusion I came to:

Bottom line, Microsoft Customer Support is terrible. I’ll not stop you from trying to deal with them, but I will say that I think it’s a waste of time and effort.