Missing characters in Killer Instinct DE

I know this is an old issue that was solved here around 2019~2020, but now it’s happening to me!
I bought KI DE one or two moths ago for PC and now I downloaded it and all the roasters wasn’t available, except for the free week charcter. I tried:

  1. Reinstaling the game and the DE;
  2. Launching the game from the KI: DE Hub;
  3. Download all the DLC’s on Microsoft Store (I wasn’t able since the store won’t let I download any DLC);
  4. Verified the PC correct time;
  5. Launch via Xbox app;
  6. Tried to buy the DLC from the game inside store, but it just redirect me to the game page and say “restart the game after the purchase”;
  7. If I try to buy each charcter individualy it will log me into the microsoft store and say that I already have that DLC, followed by a error message.

I don’t want to refund this game since I was told that most of the community play on xbox/PC and outside of Steam, but is sad to see a simple thing not work properly.

I have some similar weird issues but they’ve since been resolved. Missing accessories etc. I ended up reinstalling every pack individually from the Xbox store and everything updated for me

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Sadly this doesn’t work! I contacted Microsoft but they don’t know how to fix that. I was hoping some developer would show some interest on this problem.

Unfortunately, there’s limited developer help anymore, Iron Galaxy is no longer in charge of KI and hasn’t been for years. MS is your only hope for any kind of real support at this point.


Funny is that when I reached Microsoft they couldn’t find the problem and suggested talking to the developers about this lol.
I hope someone who faced the same problem can bring some light.

For some reason, Xbox Support always tries to redirect back to the developer.

The problem is the developers were contracted by Xbox Studios and the contract ended; Xbox Studios is now entirely responsible for the game.