Missed opportunity Retro

Anyone else sad she doesn’t have a outfit that looks like Maya’s. Clearly she wasn’t always a vampire so it kindve sucks she doesn’t have a before outfit.

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I don’t understand what’d you mean…

So before Mira became a vampire she was a royal guard with her sister. So I’m shocked she didn’t have a retro where she’s wearing the same armor as her sister.

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Yeah her retro isn’t really a “retro” it’s more of a goofy costumes skins. Still, do like the options.

OH! I get it!

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Nope those are properly dated references…

I AGREE!!! Her retro also doesnt look like the Retro Concept Art either… its close…but the concept art is much cooler. I think she should have looked the way she did before she died. Then the other 4 Retro skins couldhave been vampires or whatever.

She has some of the worst retros in the game. I dont like the Witch or the Jester. Since the color doesnt change with the skins it just looks funny.

Now her Defaults look amazing…but they missed the retro just like you said.

You know what would be really cool??? If they gave us a choice before the character released. Like here are 10 ideas and colors… you guys choose. And what ever the poll results are…they can narrow it down themselves from there.


I like the apocalyptic mohawk creature combo
Her default hair looks pedestrian

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