Mirror Matchup Training

Just as the topic states, i’d enjoy to get some advice or even some hands on training with Shago. I’ve been learning his in’s and out’s, that sounded terrible, and even ended up on top 10 for Shago. If anyone would like to help me out, it’d be tremendously appreciated. GT: duhgerman

@TheNinjaOstrich is a pretty solid Shago. @RGLOfficial also has one if memory serves. You should reach out to them - they may also know some other Shagos.

Thanks for the Tag @STORM179!

So, @duhgerman1, what are you having trouble with specifically? SHAGO seems complex, but when you know what move does what, he’s not too hard. :slight_smile:


I’ve got a decent grasp on his game plan. Hard knockdowns and surge dive kick cross overs, grabs, and being hard to hit.
My biggest hurdle right now is conversions. Whenever you land a surged slide or uppercut, it pops them up for a juggle combo. That’s my bigges struggle at the moment. How to properly mix it up and prevent being broken up all the time.

It’s all about timing. Usually, after Surge slide, I hit a button to catch them out of the air, then anything from that point you can do.

Example: Surge Slide into Med Punch, into Axe Kick (B+HK) and Shadow DP. :slight_smile:

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